We are excited to announce some changes here at Ucroo. We are formally announcing the change of our platform to “Campus”. For the upcoming time, you will see Campus by Ucroo on our updated website, our materials, at conferences, etc.

Here’s why this change matters.

  1. 7 out of 10 Americans mispronounced Ucroo (yo͞o kro͞o). (We don’t blame you!) What began as a nod to a group of college mates (as in, G’day mate!) from Monash University, with the oo replacing the ew of crew, referencing Australia’s preeminent mascot, the kangaroo, came to the USA as a confusing remix. Most often mispronounced as oo-crew, it made the founders cringe every time and wasn’t the sound you wanted coming out of the mouths of administrators. “EW” isn’t ideal to start any solution conversation.
  2. More importantly, the word “Campus” should make sense to everyone in the higher education space.  Whether searching for a digital campus concept via thesearch terms: campus app, campus portal, campus mobile app, or even Facebook for school, the idea is clear.  People want to enhance or potentially create a digital version of the face-to-face, campus experience. A campus includes people, resources, and support mechanisms. (So does Campus by Ucroo.)  A Campus engenders community, utilizes mass communication, provides personalized experiences, integrates tools throughout, and uses data everywhere. (So does Campus by Ucroo.) They key is creating a web or mobile experience that allows anyone to (virtually) experience all the same benefits (and likely more) of a person who walks on a physical campus.
  3. Campus also denotes a space that is not affiliated with any specific stakeholder group.  Everyone uses a physical campus – from students to faculty to alumni to community members visiting the library (at many schools). Campus by Ucroo ensures that all stakeholders have an experience that helps them better use a campus, either in a face-to-face context or virtually. That means using it for prospective students, illustrating a super-modern, extremely utilitarian tool that exposes them to application materials and campus tours as easily as it connects them with student ambassadors or guidance counselors.  But that also means creating a digital campus environment for current students who need to join study groups, pay tuition, or see grades. Campus (by Ucroo) will ensure access points for whomever you wish. Tied to your security / authentication system(s), Campus will make sure alumni, faculty, staff, and even community members (if desired) can connect to people, platforms, or assistance wherever they are, day or night. 

We hope you like our new name and our new look. It’s a bit of a cherry-on-top as what has happened under the hood over the past few months is also incredibly fresh. But more important than looking modern (even though Steve Jobs might disagree), is how impactful the solutions held within actually are for colleges and universities. As we’ve said before, we aren’t just programmers trying to sell something cool.  We’re educators trying to fix many of the real problems higher education is facing. Trying to push beyond tiny movements of the needle, we want to help schools boost enrollments, we want to help more students persist, and we want to connect alumni in networks like never before. We want your portal to have ROI. We want support to be easy. We want to help improve faculty buy-in, staff satisfaction, and data driven decision making by administrators. Campus by Ucroo is designed and implemented with all of that (and more) in mind.

Take a spin around the new website, but know more is coming soon. We should have our 4-phased site rollout completed by October, but even what we have now is pretty powerful. We hope you agree.