An idea is born.

The Campus (formerly known as Ucroo) story started out of two students’ frustration with their experience at Monash University in Australia.

Like many students, James McCubbin and Chase Williams (co-founders) felt the university provided systems that were clunky, outdated and fragmented and tended to overload students with irrelevant information.

Because of this, many students (and staff) were turning to social media for coursework discussion and communications. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were well designed, easy to navigate and made it simple to stay connected with the people in your life. James and Chase asked themselves why a university platform couldn’t provide the same seamless, connected experience. Confident they could help provide students with better technology, they started brainstorming potential solutions. 

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The solution.

The solution was Campus, a modern student portal and mobile app that connects everyone and everything at your university or college. Campus is a secure web and mobile platform that integrates with existing systems to create a thriving online campus where students are better connected, supported and engaged. Campus enables students to communicate in the modern ways they expect and seamlessly connects them with the peers, staff and groups/organizations most relevant to their student experience.

Watch our short video below, which demonstrates how Campus engages each student with their university community.

Early success.

While James and Chase believed in Campus, they needed to test the product with real-world users. A trial run of the product at La Trobe University in 2013 showed that 87% of students recommended rolling out the platform across the university. Following the successful trial, CQUniversity, Charles Sturt University and Acquire Learning all invested in Campus in 2014.

As time went on, more Australian universities started using Campus and it became clear that expanding to the United States was the next step. Ucroo’s founders were confident that U.S. students were facing similar issues and that universities there could also benefit from the platform.

Our new U.S. home.

Denver, Colorado – one of the hippest, forward-thinking and overall happy cities in America. Denver welcomed Ucroo’s U.S. Headquarters with open arms in April of 2017. While the Australian team is still in Melbourne pursuing new partnerships, the U.S. team is quickly expanding and has been finding success with U.S. based universities. We look forward to connecting many more college communities across the U.S. and Australia.

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