Sometimes, problems seeming relatively minor become bigger challenges than anyone likes to admit at an institution. Document management is one of those challenges.

Over the course of time a student spends in higher ed — no matter how long they attend — the student will fill, sign and share dozens of administrative documents for various requirements at their college or university. The problem with document management isn’t the amount of paperwork in higher ed, but finding those files and links often result in an arduous process, including numerous back-and-forth emails between students and staff.

As students navigate their academic journeys, the need for access to relevant and up-to-date information is critical. But the number of sources often forces students to spend time searching for the right documents instead of engaging in meaningful activities. We’ve heard from clients for years about the need to centralize all documents in one place while ensuring only the intended consumers access them. 

We’re proud to announce Resources is here to meet those needs.

Resources adds another way to connect and present personalized information and content within the Engagement Hub by integration with cloud drive platforms such as OneDrive or Google Drive — bringing everything into one place. It is designed to keep students in-portal while saving time and increasing access to documents. With Resources, IT departments now keep documents in the right hands, ensuring only the intended content consumers receive files and links.

“I think one of the most exciting things … is that Pathify really becomes the front door to information,” Indian Hills Chief Technology Officer Cory Lamb said during the Resources release webinar. “This is really exciting to see.”

This new feature offers a central location for all documents. Resources brings disparate sources of information together under one roof. This keeps stakeholders on the same page by storing documents in a singular location. Additionally, Resources works with all document types, so users upload documents of all sizes, including PDFs, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, HTML files and much more.

Keep Students In-Portal While Saving Time and Increasing Access

Students already use the Engagement Hub to access everything else they need on campus. Why not help them stay in-portal? It helps institutions get more from their investment and makes the Engagement Hub a true one-stop for all of a student’s needs. 

Instead of shuffling between various point solutions, the Engagement Hub offers what students need to drive success through one centralized user experience. By adding Resources into the fold, institutions drive adoption by meeting students where they are. 

Students no longer need to dig through folders to find what they’re looking for. Resources works with Pathify’s intelligent search technology by allowing students to type in what they’re looking for and easily find files based on Pathify’s set of algorithms properly ranking relevant content according to the user’s role. 

Given how most higher ed students are on the go, the robust search engine capabilities are perfect for students using a mobile device to access and send files. Resources works seamlessly on the Pathify app so students view important information on the go.

“The search is the one thing I couldn’t live without,” Lamb said. “That’s how we get around the portal.”

As students seek out more self-service options in their higher ed experience, Resources provides yet another way for students to access necessary files without going back-and-forth with staff. It makes accessing personalized content a breeze while creating a frictionless experience inside the Student Portal. 

Ready to see Resources in action? Check out our webinar, “Centralized Resources in the Engagement Hub,” or schedule a demo.