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Make students’ lives easier organizing their systems, communications, connections and content into a single pane of glass.

The Pathify portal makes it easy for students to engage with the information, services, resources and tools they need everyday within a single app. But what does that actually look like in practice?

Student dashboard collage

How Students Use Pathify

Meet Steve Student!

Steve is a:

  • Sophomore
  • Business major
  • Communications minor
  • Soccer player
  • On-campus resident at University U’s main campus

But Steve also:

  • Attends every show put on by the theater department
  • Is vegetarian
  • Receives financial aid
  • Hosts a radio show for the on-campus radio station
  • Takes occasional science classes because he likes them
  • Has an on-campus parking pass but takes the bus whenever possible
  • Is a fan of video games, particularly soccer-inspired games

Let’s walk through an average day for Steve.

7am: Getting Ready for the Day


Catching important updates

Steve wakes up and while he’s still in bed he checks his phone for messages. He sees a push notification that the science building (where he usually has a class at 2pm today) had a water pipe break and that classes in that building are canceled for the day.

He then opens the myUU app and sees a notification that a parking lot he often uses will be closed this weekend for line painting.

Grades module


Keeping an eye on grades

While in the app he sees that grades are in from a recent science test. He aced it…sweet.

He also notices things aren’t going quite so well in history…going to have to put in a bit of extra time this week.

10am: Planning On-the-Go

Dining Menus

Picking a lunch spot with friends

Between morning classes Steve and his friends are messaging about where to meet up for lunch. In the myUU app he can easily see all the dining hall menus for the day. The Quad Dining Hall has a good vegetarian dish, so he messages his friends about meeting there for lunch.

2pm: Checking Assignments & Email


Keeping up with coursework

With a little down time between classes, Steve opens his myUU app. He sees a reminder about an upcoming history paper and uses a shortcut to launch the LMS so he can read more about the assignment. He has a few questions, so he messages the professor right within the app.

Student Courses
Student calendar


Planning for the weekend

The campus events calendar shows that the theater department’s new show opens this weekend! He loves attending opening night to support his friends, so he buys a ticket.


Actually checking email

Since he’s already in the app, he takes a quick look at his most recent emails. He hasn’t checked his email in a while and figures he should probably catch up while he has a few minutes, so he clicks the “See All Emails” button and is taken straight to his full inbox.

See All Email

5pm: Seeing What’s Going on Around Campus


Navigating campus

Steve’s on an unfamiliar part of campus, but he has to be at the radio station soon for his show. Luckily, University U makes it easy for students to navigate campus with a custom map widget right in the portal app. He pulls up the app to see where the nearest on-campus bus stop is.

Group posting

Dashboard & Groups

Connecting with community

While on the bus, Steve checks myUU to see the school event calendar, sports scores, news feeds and Twitter for things he should mention on the air.

He sees a notification that someone has commented on his post in the Business Majors group and spends a few minutes responding and commenting on other posts.

Personalized Events

Joining private group events

Right before hopping off the bus a new event pops up from one of his groups. His Rocket League Group is having a tournament this Friday at 9:30. He loves these events because he gets to connect with students with similar interests who don’t live on the main campus. You never know when these connections might come in handy!

Event push notificaiton

8pm: Settling Down with Course Work

Personalized Portal

Settling down to school work

Finally back in his room, Steve sits down at his computer and logs into the myUU web portal. He catches up on his notifications, announcements and alerts to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Portal activity and dashboard views
Incomplete tasks


Remembering tasks & deadlines

He notices that he has an open task: His parking pass is up for renewal, so he follows the link and renews it online.


Seeing personalized info

According to the Balances widget, his campus cash balance is getting low, so he texts his mom.

Student Balance widget
Direct message from professor


Communicating with professors

He sees the professor he messaged earlier has messaged him back with clarification, so he’s feeling better about that assignment.


Finishing to-dos

The Financial Aid widget shows him that he’s completed some of the forms, but there’s still a few outstanding things he needs to complete. He takes the financial literacy quiz so that item gets checked off.

Student Financial Aid Checklist

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In a few years Steve will be an alumni. See how University U can use the student portal he’s already used to to drive alumni engagement and keep Steve connected to and and invested in the university.