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Many Systems, One User Experience

You’ve invested in tons of tools and technology for students — but do they all work together? The truth is, there’s a massive void at the center of the higher ed digital ecosystem because there’s no centralized user experience unifying everything. Let’s fill that void.

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No more one-off solutions. Pathify supports the entire student journey with a single, modern interface. Whether you’re attracting prospective students, keeping current students on track, or giving your entire community an accessible place to interact and engage, Pathify makes the connection.

engagement hub

Attract prospective students and guide their exploration, application, and enrollment journey with a modern digital experience that fits their lifestyle.

Ditch the information treasure hunt and put everything in one spot. Tools, pages, resources, custom widgets, even a digital student ID. This isn’t your parents’ portal.

Connectivity, culture, and community matter. Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to connect and build relationships — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The right tools, centralized tasks, reminders they actually see —  and little extra nudges to seek help — give students the support they need to succeed.

Stop leaving alumni relations to phone calls and emails — no one engages that way anymore. Event calendars, interactive communities, and direct messaging in a single app keep them invested.

Eliminating the Great Fragmentation

Over the past few years, schools invested massively in technology to facilitate student life — both on campus and off. The sheer number of largely disconnected user interfaces now represents the single biggest technology challenge for students. Pathify’s Engagement Hub ties together all these investments, providing a consistent, hyper-personalized experience — on any device.

Ending the Treasure Hunt

The traditional student portal/link farm provides the same value as a complex treasure map where X marks the spot. Add a disconnected mobile app into the equation and it’s no surprise why students consistently say they have no idea what content and resources their school invests in. Pathify’s Engagement Hub eliminates the dense digital jungle, enabling schools to proactively push the right content to the right people and drive student success.

Full Cycle Engagement

One of the biggest challenges schools face today is consistently engaging with their community across the entire lifecycle — from prospective student, through the academic journey, and beyond graduation. With modules for Prospects, the Student Portal, institutional Communities, Student Success, and Alumni, Pathify provides the single Engagement Hub managing all communication and connection throughout the entire student lifecycle.

All your important systems in one view

We live in a world of multiple systems, applications, and solutions. Wouldn’t it be great if they all connected to each other? With Pathify, they can.

Pathify Integrations

Why Pathify

Create a Better Student Experience

Mobile + Desktop Parity

Accessing a desktop is difficult for many students. Not having vital resources and information available via a mobile app leaves some students struggling. All features and functionality of the Pathify Engagement Hub are available via web or native mobile app (iOS and Android) so all students can access it from anywhere.

Broad Accessibility

When we say a great experience for every user, we mean everyone. All Pathify solutions meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards, serving your entire population to high standards.

Tasks and Integrations

Get Granular with Personalization

While it’s true that personalization is the key to success in today’s ed tech world, it only really works if you treat each user as an individual. “Student” and “Faculty” user roles don’t count as personalization. Get granular so each user truly has a tailored experience custom fit to their needs and interests.

Report on Success

A digital engagement hub is a data gold mine … if you know how to access and use that data. Pathify reporting surfaces data-driven insights.

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