Solving the Campus Connection Crisis

For years, studies have proven a sense of belonging increases student retention and academic success. Nothing proved this more than the pandemic, making investment in technology to digitally foster community an obligation.

Unlock an entire world of digital community in the centralized app students already constantly use.

Students Must Feel They Belong

The most consistent challenge students broadcast to the world over the past couple of years is that remote learning lacks connection. Schools that meet this challenge head-on routinely outperform those that do not. Pull digital community to the center of the student experience as part of the Engagement Hub.

Moral Support Goes Digital

Feeling disconnected from your institution’s community isn’t just an annoyance — it’s a serious mental health risk. With burnout rates at an all time high, institutions must support diverse student populations — on and off campus. Providing a digital forum for community creates a powerful unifying force in the best (and worst) of times.

Guide Connections & Encourage Exploration

Sometimes even the most outgoing students struggle to find their comfort zone. Automatically add students to relevant Groups based on campus, dorm, major, graduation year — the sky’s the limit. Pathify Communities also enables students a simple, safe way to explore all kinds of clubs, groups, and academic organizations, increasing the likelihood they’ll make meaningful connections.

Community for All

Whether your student body is made up of full-time students or asynchronous remote learners; one campus, multiple campuses or no physical campus, students still want to connect. Creating a digital footprint of your institutional culture and community means everyone can participate, from anywhere, on any device. Now students don’t need to be nearby to form impactful and lasting connections.

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Building Community

Stay “In the Know”

The biggest challenge most institutions face related to events is people simply not knowing they’re happening, and therefore missing out. Pulling institutional events — large and small — to the center of the student experience solves that problem immediately. Whether promoting events in the context of a Group, hosting a virtual event straight from the platform, or organizing a large campus-wide gathering, managing events through Communities ensures no one’s left out of opportunities to connect.

Everyone’s Welcome Here

At its core, Communities are anchored by Groups — the virtual forum where members chat, share resources, meet virtually, conduct polls, all the things folks do when they meet face to face. From academic peers, to hobby-lovers, to those sharing a life experience (like first generation students), Groups are micro-communities creating the rich tapestry of diversity making your institution unique.

Can You Hear Me Now?

While Groups supports organizational communication, Communities also fosters communication between individuals with a convenient, in-app messaging function. Students securely connect one-on-one or in small groups to coordinate and collaborate on any topic.

Safety First

The key to building secure, supportive, and safe communities is that they live within the institutional ecosystem, not in external social media. Communities provides schools an incredible level of configuration to meet your specific governance preferences and requirements. Leverage keyword monitoring and other security tools to make sure the greater community stays safe, supported, and comfortable.

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Smash through self-imposed silos. Pathify supports the entire student journey with a single, modern interface. Whether you’re attracting prospective students, keeping current students on track or giving your entire community an accessible place to interact and engage, Pathify drives connection.

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Attract prospective students and guide their exploration, application and enrollment journey with a modern digital experience that fits their lifestyle.

Ditch the information treasure hunt and put everything in one spot. Tools, pages, resources, custom widgets, even a digital student ID. This isn’t your parents’ portal.

Connectivity, culture and community matter. Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to connect and build relationships — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The right tools, centralized tasks, reminders they actually see —  and little extra nudges to seek help — give students the support they need to succeed.

Stop leaving alumni relations to phone calls and emails — no one engages that way anymore. Event calendars, interactive communities and direct messaging in a single app keep them invested.

Challenge the Status Quo