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Finally, a portal IT can be proud of

Managing a complex student portal takes a lot of time and effort … which is wasted when students don’t use it because it’s outdated and cumbersome. Pathify brings the student portal into the 21st century, centralizing all your important systems into a secure, cloud-based portal that’s easy for IT teams to manage and easy for users to access and navigate from any device (web or mobile).


A window into every system

What if you could offer your students a single point of access to all of your systems? With Pathify, your portal becomes a hub for your student systems and allows you to embed content from those systems into widgets and pages. That means students spend less time grappling with logins and can navigate their student experience in an app they actually like to use on whatever device is handy — web or mobile. Talk about a win-win.

Tasks and Integrations


Role for every user

Other systems use role-based controls and permissions to personalize what users can see and do. Why should your student portal be any different?

Pathify lets you create roles to immediately surface the exact information each user needs for a personalized, easy-to-use experience. Roles can be as broad or as granular as your institution chooses so you can easily target subgroups of users.

Pathify User Management

Device Agnostic

True mobile-web parity to fit today’s users

Today’s students want to use their mobile devices for everything, but many institutions still don’t offer a student portal with a functional native mobile app (a separate app and mobile web don’t count). Offering students a portal they can access via web or mobile meets their expectations for how technology should work.

Web Mobile Parity


More features, less worry

Pathify is cloud-based, continuously maintained and updated, and follows industry-leading security protocols. IT leaders have reviewed and approved our security patching, authentication, protocol and sessions security, data access, backup and recovery, and physical data security.

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