Data & Reporting

How do you know your Portal’s working?

Access a wealth of behavioral data mined from user engagement to paint a picture of what makes a successful student outside the classroom.

Device breakdown reporting

Reporting Views

3 great ways to get information

Pathify presents platform-wide data and reporting in three categories so you easily get the information you need.

In-Portal Reporting

Admin Center Reporting

The Admin Center contains Pathify’s in-portal reporting hub. System admins get access to metrics for five of the most commonly requested data channels. This data can be viewed in the platform or downloaded as a CSV.

Admin view reporting

Detailed Views

Canned Reports

Pathify delivers 18 highly graphical and detailed reports through the Data Studio. Data Studio reporting surfaces detailed information like total page views vs. unique page views, desktop vs. mobile usage and even Android vs. iOS usage.

  • Notifications
  • Tools
  • Messages
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Page Visits
  • Time spent in app
  • Mobile metrics

Web Analytics

This data runs deep

For total data nerds, Pathify connects each institution’s portal to Web Analytics, providing access to a deep well of data delivering unique insights. Including everything from user flow to what individual model smartphones your students use, Web Analytics drills down to see who uses the platform, how they’re accessing it and what they’re doing.

Set specific date ranges and view data by day, week or month breakdowns. Save your favorite Web Analytics reports to revisit later or export data to share with key stakeholders.

Google Analytics Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting

Get personalized reports

Need reporting outside what’s preconfigured? Let us know, we’re happy to help scope and create custom reporting for your institution.

Examples of custom reporting:
  • % of people who completed their profiles
  • Who’s completed their profile
  • Who’s signed the Terms & Conditions
  • Number of logins by a specific user

Group Admin Reporting

Give group admins more control

Seeing key engagement metrics as a Group administrator is critical. Group admins access a special “Analytics” tab for the groups they manage for key insights into group activity and engagement.

  • New Members
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Likes
Pathify Group Page Reporting

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