Give prospective students a sneak peak

Prospect Portal

Help prospective students connect and get excited about your institution and their new adventure.

Choosing a college and getting ready for freshman year is an exciting — and a little bit nerve wracking — time. Giving prospective students early access to a lite version of the Pathify portal will help them explore your university, make exciting connections and get the valuable information they need to make a smooth and happy transition.

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Core Portal

You choose what prospective students see. Select the most relevant Pathify Core widgets (like the Student Calendar and Twitter) or present custom widgets that your prospective students would find helpful.


Help incoming students connect and engage. Add them to a group for their graduating year, the major they’re interested in, hobbies and clubs they’re thinking of joining. Groups help prospective students get excited about your university.


Tasks keep the application and incoming student process moving smoothly by guiding prospective students through the process. Set tasks for things like application deadlines, course registration, housing selection, financial aid applications and more.

How Prospects Use Pathify

Meet Penny Prospect!

Penny is:

  • A high school senior from Texas
  • Captain of her swim team
  • In the school choir
  • Thinking about majoring in sociology
  • A member of her school’s Spanish club
  • A first generation college student
  • Dreaming about attending University U

After Penny submits her application to University U, she receives access to the school’s student portal, myUU. She’s excited to start exploring everything University U has to offer and getting to know a technology she might be using for the next four years.

Penny’s Prospective Student Dashboard


Keeping up with important events

Penny logs into myUU and sees her custom dashboard, specifically designed for prospective students like her. There’s an Alert at the top of the screen that reads:

“Welcome Prospective Students! There’s a virtual Q&A session on Friday at 5pm PT. We’ll have students from a variety of backgrounds online to talk about their University U experience and answer any questions you may have. We hope you can join us!”

Alert Screen


Seeing important info in one place

She also sees several widgets, including the school’s Twitter feed and calendar. She excitedly scrolls through the calendar to learn what types of events she can look forward to as a student.

Most importantly, she sees a Financial Aid checklist widget. She realizes she forgot to fill out a form and quickly works to get it submitted.


Using shortcuts to key pages

Once that’s taken care of, Penny uses a shortcut link already saved for her to visit the school’s admissions page to double check when she’ll receive her acceptance (or rejection eek) letter.

Building Community


Building group connections

Penny sees a notification that she’s been added to a group for the class of 2026! She opens the group and sees that fellow University U hopefuls are introducing themselves. She posts a quick introduction and sends a direct message saying hi to a girl who lives in the next town over.


Finding more ways to connect

Curious about what other groups are available, Penny does a quick search and joins groups for:

  • University U athletics
  • First generation college students
  • The acapella group
  • Sociology majors
  • University U students from Texas
  • Spanish club

She learns a lot of great information by looking at resources posted in the groups and asks a few questions to learn more from existing students.

Staying on Track


Building a support system

Penny is accepted to University U! As soon as she receives her acceptance letter she logs into myUU. She sees that she has a direct message from a sophomore who is also a first generation student. She offers to answer any questions Penny has and to meet up for coffee when she gets to campus.


Keeping up with deadlines

Now that she’s been accepted, Penny receives tasks. These tasks have details, links and deadlines for important items like filling out on-campus housing preferences registering for classes and selecting an orientation group. There’s a lot to do before Penny arrives on campus this fall and she’s grateful these tasks are here to guide her.

As a New Student

Using the same portal as a student

When she arrives on campus in August, Penny signs into myUU with her new school email address and sees a new set of widgets, tools, tasks, alerts and groups to help guide her journey as a student.

Next Step: Student Portal

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