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What’s the best way to compete for students since the world turned upside down? Be the one school on their list that pulls its unique qualities way forward in the process. Provide prospects a personalized digital hub connecting them to the resources, students, and groups that make them feel a part of the community — early and often.

What’s the best way to compete for students since the world turned upside down? Be the one school on their list that pulls its unique qualities way forward in the process. Provide prospects a personalized digital hub connecting them to the resources, students, and groups that make them feel a part of the community — early and often.

A Positive (Remote) Experience

Traditionally, visiting campus was the most exciting and memorable part of selecting where you go to school. But what if prospects can’t visit in person? An impressive digital experience lets them connect, engage and explore from anywhere — building the sense of excitement and belonging they expect.

“Just a Taste” Leads to More

Savvy shoppers don’t give out their information right away … and today’s students are definitely savvy online shoppers. Attract them with an exciting “public” experience that offers the option to sign up for their own personalized evaluation dashboard — when they’re ready. Creating a profile unlocks interactive groups, exciting events, communications, and even access to potential advisors and student ambassadors — your most valuable assets to get prospects excited to apply, enroll, and deposit.

Move to the Top of the List

If your school in any way competes for prospective students, standing out by proactively pulling forward what’s compelling, unique, and memorable has never been more important. Competitive schools that agree categorically outperform those that maintain the status quo. Transform your school from Blockbuster to Netflix … time is of the essence.

No More Smoke

Smoke signals, carrier pigeons, telegraphs … email. Wonderful museum exhibits, terrible tools for engaging with digital natives. Provide prospects a single, unified communications hub delivering complete web and mobile feature parity so it’s accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device. Leverage mobile push notifications and SMS to ensure prospects actually consume communications and content.

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The Surest Path to Conversion

Stage 1: A Public View to Wow Prospects

Consumers (students) today expect to drive their own journey, and the first major conversion point is typically a public page that wets the appetite. Deploying a hyper targeted initial resource that doesn’t require authentication enables prospects to engage at their own pace, “opting in” to sharing personal information once you’ve wowed them.

What’s Happening: Front and Center

Make announcements and promote upcoming events, deadlines, contests, and all the other unique things you use to immerse prospects in the community. First impressions are critical, and delivering an impressive, focused, helpful initial experience is critical to being competitive.

Connection is Key

Especially over the past couple years, virtual events have become a critical component of the recruiting process. Host public events — large and small — directly from the Engagement Hub platform, driving early stage prospects to create a profile for a more personalized experience.

Join the Community

Prospective students who “opt in” to a more personalized view are significantly more likely to engage with institutional communications, events, and content. By showing off the best and brightest parts of your community and what makes your school unique, you’ll dramatically improve the chance prospective students will move down the funnel and create a profile, unlocking their own personalized engagement hub as they continue to evaluate.

Stage 2: A Personalized Engagement Hub for the Win

When prospects create a profile and unlock their own personalized Engagement Hub, institutions immediately recognize the incredible conversion power of Pathify’s Prospects platform. The sky’s the limit to configure virtual campus tours, interactive connection to student life and academics, and a personalized view of resources, people, and activities — helping prospects transition to successful students. Deep, digital immersion into the school community gives your institution a huge leg up compared to schools relying on an “apply” section of their public website.

Personalized Dashboard

The single biggest technology challenge students (and prospects) face today is the crippling number of systems, digital spaces, and communications that overwhelm and frustrate them. Providing a single, personalized Engagement Hub to prospects not only centralizes all communications, it also enables institutions to proactively push the right content, to the right person, at the right time — on any device.

Immersive Community Experience

Prospects consistently put the time they spend with student ambassadors, institutional staff, and alumni at the top of the list of reasons why they selected their school from the long list of options. The prospect platform’s Groups feature creates an incredible world of options to connect prospects to these valuable resources one-on-one or in groups, pulling your best advocates forward in the process to drive increased conversions.

Streamline Applications

Is it possible you’re losing prospective students because they struggle with the magnitude of the process of applying? Streamline and simplify the process using the platform’s Task capabilities to organize, curate, and order every step in the process. Integrate your CRM or any other system to deliver checklists, activities, reminders, and tasks, delivering a superior application experience on any device.

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Help prospective students connect and get excited about your institution and their new adventure.

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Smash through self-imposed silos. Pathify supports the entire student journey with a single, modern interface. Whether you’re attracting prospective students, keeping current students on track or giving your entire community an accessible place to interact and engage, Pathify drives connection.

engagement hub

Attract prospective students and guide their exploration, application and enrollment journey with a modern digital experience that fits their lifestyle.

Ditch the information treasure hunt and put everything in one spot. Tools, pages, resources, custom widgets, even a digital student ID. This isn’t your parents’ portal.

Connectivity, culture and community matter. Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to connect and build relationships — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The right tools, centralized tasks, reminders they actually see —  and little extra nudges to seek help — give students the support they need to succeed.

Stop leaving alumni relations to phone calls and emails — no one engages that way anymore. Event calendars, interactive communities and direct messaging in a single app keep them invested.

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A lot of those orientation events, especially when you’re fresh on campus, can be really stressful sometimes. But being able to communicate with other people beforehand and create some sort of connection, when you go to orientation it’s a little bit easier to engage. It’s less intimidating.

Dalton Boggs
Front-End Web Developer at Concord University

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