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Alumni Portal

Universities rely on continued support and engagement from their alumni. Give them a way to stay connected and engaged.

Alumni support, engagement and, yes, donations play a big role in the continued success of universities and their current students. Colleges need to maintain connections and rapport with alumni, but it’s increasingly difficult to grab their attention with phone calls, emails and mailers.

Giving alumni an easy way to stay connected, engaged and invested is the foundation to a vibrant alumni network. Create that opportunity with a personalized alumni portal (one that some of your alumni might already be in the habit of using).

Alumni dashboards


Core Portal

Surface the information, announcements and alerts alumni need to see the most. You choose which widgets they see (like a sports score or university news feed). You can also send personalized communication via in-portal announcements, SMS messages and push notifications.


Make it easy for alumni to stay connected to each other, professional peers and current students by setting up groups based on interests, location, profession and more. Create alumni-only groups or let them participate in institution-wide groups. Staying connected and engaged helps keep alumni invested in your university culture.


Are alumni response rates to mailers, emails and phone calls disappointing? Drive action with in-portal tasks and notifications. Use tasks to prompt actions like signing up to be a mentor, contributing to a fundraiser or completing a survey. Drawing alumni into the portal with group connections and news helps get these vital tasks in front of them.

How Alumni Use Pathify

Meet Andy Alumni!

Andy graduated a few years ago from University U. He moved to Chicago and doesn’t make it back to visit campus much.

During his time at University U, Andy:

  • Majored in engineering
  • Did a Semester at Sea
  • Played football
  • Was an RA
  • Participated in several clubs
  • Wrote for the student newspaper

Andy loved his time at University U! He wants to stay connected and make sure current students have the best chance at success. But Andy is busy so emails from the university often go unread and it’s hard to find time to look for ways to support the school.

Then University U rolled out an alumni portal — myUU.

Staying Engaged


Catching up while commuting

During his morning commute Andy catches up on the latest news and sports scores. Now, checking the myUU app is part of that routine. When he opens the app, Andy sees widgets on his dashboard showing the latest University U sports scores, student newspaper articles and Twitter feed.

Live sports scores
Alumni Calendar


Keeping up with alumni events

He also sees a calendar with upcoming alumni events like reunions and homecoming week.


Researching school information

This reminds Andy that he and his buddies had planned on attending homecoming this year. He uses an in-portal shortcut to navigate to a page about homecoming to check the details.

Homecoming event page
In portal direct messaging


Connecting with peers

He then sends his buddies a direct message reminding them of the dates and asking if they’re still in.

Staying Connected


Connecting with social groups

On the way home, Andy catches up on his social media. Part of this routine is checking his myUU groups. Andy is part of several groups:

  • Chicago-based University U alum
  • Engineering students and alumni
  • The Semester at Sea group
  • Class 2018
Alumni Groups
Alumni events push notifications


Finding local alumni events

He notices a new event organized by his Chicago-based alumni group. There’s a big rivalry game coming up and alumni are getting together to watch it at a local bar.


Helping current students

Before he closes the app a direct message pops up from a former professor. She has a current student who has some career questions about Andy’s speciality. She’s wondering if she can put them in touch. Andy quickly messages back saying of course and sharing his contact information.

Direct message inbox

Helping the University


Following up with alumni tasks

It’s Sunday morning and Andy has some time to catch up while drinking his coffee. Since he’s already in his myUU app checking for messages and group updates he sees that he has a few tasks that need attention. He follows the details and links in the tasks to sign up as a speaker for a virtual Ask Me Anything for the engineering department and submits an open internship opportunity at his company.

Alumni Tasks
Alumni alert


Remembering deadlines

An alert at the top of his dashboard catches his attention. The fundraising drive for the new football stadium is ending in a few days. As a former football player, this campaign is near and dear to Andy’s heart and he’d been meaning to donate. He follows the link to donate immediately before he forgets again.

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