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Give campus communities a digital home

Feeling connected and welcomed is a critical part of student success. Enable students on and off campus to connect, collaborate and build communities that matter to them, no matter where they are. 

Groups in Pathify Portal


Drive engagement with personalized groups

Groups aren’t just for socializing. Create a hub of interest where users can post relevant links, share files and videos, conduct polls, chat, comment and more. Groups can be as broad (Sophomore Class) or as granular (a capella fans from Ohio) as you and your students want.


Foster inclusivity for your remote students

Remote learners and off campus students may lack the sense of community and engagement students expect from a traditional college experience. Make sure all your students — regardless of location — have the chance to interact with their peers by giving campus groups an online presence.


More secure than social media

Social media groups exist outside a university’s control and may even expose students’ personal information. Keeping groups within the school bubble lets administrators maintain tighter control. Everything stays behind the university’s authentication mechanisms and admins have insight into groups, posts, comments, flagged content and more.

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