Meet Path

We’re excited to announce that Campus has evolved into Path (now Pathify). This exciting rebrand better captures our commitment to creating a stellar student experience — forging a useful and purposeful path to student success.

Path is dedicated to creating a student portal that goes beyond the traditional portal experience. It’s a digital campus solution that combines a consumer-centric portal with vital communication channels and community-building features. This unique combination gives students everything they need to shape their college experience and succeed in a single platform. 

Why the Change

Path has always strived to create great student experiences (first as Ucroo, then as Campus, now as Path). From our social media-inspired UI and mobile/web parity to our deep levels of personalization and robust integrations, we’ve long focused on how best to serve students. But it’s about more than just creating good technology. We want our solution to help students succeed.

What we’ve experienced is that many higher ed solutions have lost focus on the end-user. They’re overgrown with bloated feature sets that serve little real-life purpose — solutions that would likely never succeed in a more traditional consumer market. But today’s students are consumers, and consumer-focused companies need to care about the user experience – from prospective students all the way to alumni.

At Path, We want to hone in on that student experience, making sure that it’s at the core of everything we do and the product decisions we make. From what features we add to what metrics we surface, everything comes back to building a path to success for everyone – the institution and students.

What to Expect from Path

For existing customers, we’re shifting more and more of our focus to the student experience. We’ve always been committed to creating a better student experience for students, faculty, and staff (that’s one of the reasons the company was founded). 

This rebrand is a recommitment to that mission.

It’s also a commitment to thinking holistically — beyond just features, but also into the world of how Path works for each and every stakeholder in the wild. Once the solution is out in the world, we’re not going to rest on our heels. We’ll find the barriers students are experiencing and remove the roadblocks, creating a clear path so their day is easier and they can focus on the tasks ahead. We’ll continue to work with institutions to integrate the applications and information students need to build an environment set up for success from day one. Path is about solving real problems and creating positive, meaningful outcomes, not building a product that’s a hodgepodge of features. 

For future customers, this rebrand is a commitment that everything we do is focused on big picture success. From our stellar customer service team to our future product roadmap, we have a single driver that you can rely on.

Peek inside the mind of Path’s CEO Chase Williams as he dives deeper into the change to Path.

The Path Promise

We want to make sure the mission of Path inspires us and motivates the people who work here every day. The best way we know how: to do that is to make everything we do focused on our mission to positively genuinely impact the student experience and journey. 

That’s what Path is all about. We’re obsessed with the student experience. 

At the end of the day, institutions and the vendors who serve them should have one unifying mission: helping students succeed, whatever their path to success looks like.

The Path rebrand is a promise to not lose sight of the student experience. Even as we grow and mature, it’s a commitment to keep that purpose at the core of everything we do. The best companies keep their purpose at their core. It’s not always the easiest path to take, but it’s the one we’re committed to.