Pathify Integrations

The Not-So-Secret Sauce

By creating the only zero-cost, vendor agnostic, integrations library, Pathify is the only app democratizing system and data connection across the entire enterprise.

Pathify Integrations
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Recipe Library

Integrate in minutes — no developers necessary

It’s one thing to market that connection and integration are key facets of a modern, enterprise portal. It’s another thing to actually back it up with tangible results. 

Unlike other portal companies focusing on integrating with their own frankensuite of systems or delivering a few integrations each year, Pathify supports integrations with scores of higher ed’s most popular systems. And with around 300 more planned or in development, there’s simply no solution out there that will ever approach the depth and breadth of how Pathify pulls the tech stack into a personalized, single pane of glass.

Easy to Administer

The Recipe Library allows non-technical admins to provision integrations and widgets — without reliance on developers.

Totally Free

All Recipes come standard with each module of the Engagement Hub.

An Appreciating Investment

With an ever-evolving list of Recipes, the Library’s value increases — weekly.

Integrated Vendors

Vendor agnostic integrations

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Not seeing the integration you’re looking for?

We build and release integrations every couple of weeks, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for — let us know! There’s a good chance we’re already working on it (or can add it to the roadmap).