Are Overwhelmed Students at Risk?

Many elements contribute to student retention and success, and it’s important schools do their best to control what they can control. Often at the top of the list — struggling to stay organized. Make it easy for students and admins to understand and manage all the moving pieces by keeping important tasks and information in one place.

Quickly Remove a Major Issue

Student grades make or break graduation, but so can a lack of connection with critical support assets. Helping students access the right resources — from tutoring services to advisor meetings — is crucial to their success. Even better? Putting valuable resources students didn’t even know they needed right in front of them.

Obvious Problem, Streamlined Solution

An obvious reason students struggle to track to-dos and important deadlines is they originate from all over the place … the LMS, SIS, email … and when it’s too overwhelming students give up. Streamline what’s critical by consolidating tasks and assignments together on the Engagement Hub dashboard, leveraging multi-channel alerts and reminders to keep students on top of what matters most.

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Success at Your Fingertips

The Opposite of Chaos — Order

Organize important tasks and deadlines into a single view to prioritize what students need to complete. Less juggling means increased focus. Create and edit tasks directly from Success, or pull them in from any point or source system.

Task Prioritization

Not all tasks are created equal, with some absolutely critical and others less so. Separate the urgent from the minor and help students prioritize (and order) what matters most.

Task Workflows

Some tasks have more to them than just a single step, or just a couple people. Configure multi-stage tasks that include all the necessary stakeholders, ensuring even the most complex activity strings get completed with maximum efficiency.

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Smash through self-imposed silos. Pathify supports the entire student journey with a single, modern interface. Whether you’re attracting prospective students, keeping current students on track or giving your entire community an accessible place to interact and engage, Pathify drives connection.

engagement hub

Attract prospective students and guide their exploration, application and enrollment journey with a modern digital experience that fits their lifestyle.

Ditch the information treasure hunt and put everything in one spot. Tools, pages, resources, custom widgets, even a digital student ID. This isn’t your parents’ portal.

Connectivity, culture and community matter. Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to connect and build relationships — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The right tools, centralized tasks, reminders they actually see —  and little extra nudges to seek help — give students the support they need to succeed.

Stop leaving alumni relations to phone calls and emails — no one engages that way anymore. Event calendars, interactive communities and direct messaging in a single app keep them invested.

Challenge the Status Quo