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The sheer amount of information students must process each day is mind-boggling and often overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great to summarize key information from the SIS, LMS and other systems to help students focus on what matters most? Pathify elevates key events, tasks, resources and messaging to students in a mobile friendly dashboard, allowing you to declutter the student experience while amplifying reach.


Resources they can find = resources they’ll use

You invest in a lot of resources that many students don’t even know about. That’s because traditional portals make it nearly impossible to find what you need when you need it. It’s a sea of information that’s hard to navigate.

Make information easier to find by putting the details and resources each person needs the most right in front of them with a personalized portal experience.

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Tired of submitting help desk tickets to get events posted, webpages updated or notifications sent out? Frustrated by logging into multiple systems to post a single policy? See how Pathify customers have broken the cycle and taken control of getting the right information into the right hands.

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