User Roles

Get granular with personalization

Traditional student portals fail because they make students wade through a sea of useless information hunting for what they need. It’s time for change. It’s time to get personal.

Granular User Roles


One user, many roles

No one fits neatly into a single bucket. A student may also be a TA, have an on-campus job and be a student athlete. Faculty may sit on various committees and need to complete faculty courses. 

Personalization means everyone gets all the information they need, not just bits and pieces based on overly broad groups. Creating a complex ecosystem of roles makes it easy to surface the exact information each person needs, no matter how many roles they fit into.

Example Roles:
  • Freshman
  • Business School Alumni
  • Part-Time Students
  • All Faculty Department Heads
  • Football Staff & Players
  • Theater Majors
  • Study Abroad Students


Easily provision roles

In order for user-based roles to be useful, they can’t be difficult to manage. Bulk upload users to specific roles and automatically give them access to the right set of widgets, tools, pages and groups.

You can also upload or edit individual users to keep their roles current. As students progress through their college journey, adjust their user roles so they always see the exact information they need without having to hunt for it. (This is particularly useful for college seniors who need very specific — but often hard to actually find — information about graduation.)

Pathify User Management


The right message to the right people

We all know that if you want communication to be successful these days, it needs to be personalized. Students are notoriously bad at checking their email and a flood of campus-wide communications has made them tune out to all communications.

Catch their attention again with personalized messages. From in-portal notifications and alerts to mobile push notifications, a strong role-based foundation means you can send the exact right messages to the exact right people in a way that they’ll see and engage with. Once you stop spamming them, you’ll be amazed at how responsive they are.

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