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It’s a fact, the majority of students treat school emails like spam (72% to be exact). Students expect personalized communication about relevant topics on the devices they prefer. From targeted messages based on personas to omnichannel alerts, getting your messages in front of students (not to mention prospective students and alumni!) where they actually are is both challenging and mission critical. Pathify makes it easy.

Engagement Hub

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The amount of information and systems students engage with everyday is mind boggling. That’s why many students simply checkout — login fatigue is a real thing.

Make it easier for students, prospective students, alumni, staff, faculty and administrators to engage with the exact information they need from one simple interface. All your carefully crafted content is suddenly easy to find.

Mobile Push Notification

Unified Experience

True mobile/web parity

  • Mobile push notifications
  • White labeled to match your brand
  • Same experience between web & mobile

Americans spend an average of 5+ hours a day on their mobile devices. For younger generations like your students and prospective students, that number is probably higher. Digital natives expect a consumer-friendly mobile experience. If you don’t deliver, they stop engaging.

Pathify’s cloud-based Engagement Hub offers true mobile/web parity. No more creating a shell app or relying on mobile browsers. The mobile app is specifically designed to work like the mobile apps we use everyday and ensures users have access to their important information from anywhere. Plus, you gain the ability to use mobile push notifications to increase reach and engagement.

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Tired of submitting help desk tickets for content updates? Frustrated by logging into multiple systems to send out a single communication? See how Pathify customers have broken the cycle and empowered students with better, more relevant information.

Customer Stories

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