Your Success Matters

We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling that sets in after a vendor hands us implementation instructions and wishes us good luck. Choose a partner who will walk alongside you to ensure your launch — and everything that comes after — is a complete success.

Customer Stories

Customer Thoughts

Working with Pathify

Your Pathify Journey

A comprehensive launch plan

You’ve been thrown plenty of surprises over the last couple of years. Minimize your pre-implementation jitters by partnering with a team of experts who believe in total transparency. We work hard to understand the ins and outs of your environment upfront to avoid any surprises later.

01 Kickoff

You’ll meet your dedicated team of Pathify professionals, determine your project timeline and get familiar with our project management platform.

02 Environment Setup

We’ll tackle account provisioning, authentication and branding. Your administrators will also be trained on the finer points of your new platform.

03 Systems Integration

This is where the magic happens. We’ll integrate your key systems and configure your widgets.

04 Permissions & Content

Role-based permissions are what make personalization possible. We’ll set up your roles and kick off your content population.

05 Rollout Plan

The Rollout Plan is the key to your portal’s success. We’ll share our experiences with what works, what doesn’t and help you curate a customized communication plan.

06 Training & Showcasing

Time to show off your new portal and get users excited. We recommend you take advantage of our training resources to get the most out of Pathify.

07 Communications

We’ll share communication best practices and how our clients made a big splash with their end users. 

08 Launch

Everything is tested and the heavy lifting is done. But don’t worry, we’re still available whenever you need support.


Meet your Pathify team

Our support team is celebrated by our customers because they have walked in their shoes. Our technical team has experienced a Pathify implementation as a customer. Most of our team comes from our client base because we believe it’s essential they understand your point of view.

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