Success in Stockton:

A Chief Technology Officer’s Pathify Journey

Success in Stockton:

A Chief Technology Officer’s Pathify Journey

If you visit the University of the Pacific’s website, you’ll see a tagline highlighting “big university choices with small college caring.” As California’s first chartered university, there’s a major standard of excellence — the university offers nearly 100 areas of study across three campuses, all while seriously promoting individual student success. Faculty and administrators ensure a supportive and inviting environment, offering dedicated resources and assistance. 

At Pacific, enhancing student success isn’t just a goal — it’s deeply embedded in the institution’s mission of providing a superior and student-centered experience. As Pacific’s Chief Technology Officer, Rob Henderson led the university’s technology transition from Ellucian Luminis to Pathify, a shift revolutionizing how they approach student success, support and persistence. 

Vision for a Digital Workspace  

Removing Roadblocks

Before Pathify, Pacific campus communication relied on email — or students checking Luminis— causing missed notifications and confusion in finding information. “You could write a book on why students didn’t know about certain action items,” Henderson said. 

After going live with the new Pathify “myPacific” app in mid-2023, improvement surfaced quickly. Henderson highlighted the registration process as a prime success. “Before Pathify, we saw over 900 students with registration holds each semester,” he recalled. “Using Pathify tasks and announcements, we drove students toward getting those holds fixed on time. When registration started, we only had 140 students with holds — people here said ‘We’ve never seen something like this before.’”

The nearly 85% decrease in registration holds majorly alleviated time spent sending emails and tracking students down while improving overall student success metrics. “Student retention between semesters is incredibly important,” Henderson noted. “It’s a huge win in educating students on why they have holds so they can quickly resolve them.” 

Right Resources, Right Time

Future Student Success Initiatives 

Moving forward, Henderson envisions Pathify widgets surfacing more complex information like displaying all holds or semester meal plan balances. “There are a number of students who leave money on the table — their meal plan dollars don’t roll over. We want them seeing what their balances are in a widget or a notification so they aren’t losing out on their dining dollars,” he said.  

With nearly an 85% reduction in student registration holds and decreases in late student payments, Pacific’s investment in its digital campus has paid dividends — both on the administrative and student sides. “Pathify puts information in a location where students will read it,” concluded Henderson. When students consume the right resources at the right time, it impacts retention, satisfaction and success. For the University of the Pacific, removing roadblocks with Pathify ensures students are informed, aware and continually guided to success.

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