Drive Alumni Engagement With the App They Know

Your connection with students doesn’t end when they graduate. Alumni are a vital part of a healthy, vibrant higher ed community. Ensure they stay connected, engaged and invested.

The Alumni Challenge

Alumni represent one of your institution’s greatest assets. They’re your best recruiters, incredible potential job resources for recent grads … not to mention a serious pool of potential investment for many institutions. So why do most development teams rely on the diminishing returns of email to engage with alumni?

A Novel Solution

How about continuing to engage through the app they used (and loved) as students? The Engagement Hub ensures alumni stay connected and invested in your school’s community for the long haul.

Foster Community

Maintain alumni access to their favorite groups and clubs, while keeping them up to date on key events. Sustain their connection to the community by pushing the content and mentoring opportunities relevant to their interests.

Encourage Engagement

It’s easy to delete an email … throw away a letter … ignore a phone call. One-sided interactions aren’t compelling — they’re annoying. Communicate through a platform they use socially about ways they can engage — like donating to a fundraiser, signing up for a mentorship program, or posting a job opportunity for interns or fellow graduates.

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Your Alumni Portal

Connection with Micro-Communities

One of the most effective ways to keep alumni engaged with the Engagement Hub is aligning them automatically when they graduate to various groups based on class, interests and affinities. Provide a subset of each class the ability to create groups, and watch as alumni organically socialize, keep up, and plan — all signs of extremely positive connection to the community.

What’s Happening?

Provide alumni easy access to virtual events launched directly from the Engagement Hub. Highlight and manage onsite event registration, while tracking attendance with Digital ID capabilities.

Grab the Mic

Target notifications, announcements and bulletins tailored to alumni. Personalize these communications based on role, like graduating class, major, or any other criteria, interest or affinity.

Alumni User Story

See how alumni use Pathify to stay connected

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Smash through self-imposed silos. Pathify supports the entire student journey with a single, modern interface. Whether you’re attracting prospective students, keeping current students on track or giving your entire community an accessible place to interact and engage, Pathify drives connection.

engagement hub

Attract prospective students and guide their exploration, application and enrollment journey with a modern digital experience that fits their lifestyle.

Ditch the information treasure hunt and put everything in one spot. Tools, pages, resources, custom widgets, even a digital student ID. This isn’t your parents’ portal.

Connectivity, culture and community matter. Strengthen institutional culture and empower students to connect and build relationships — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The right tools, centralized tasks, reminders they actually see —  and little extra nudges to seek help — give students the support they need to succeed.

Stop leaving alumni relations to phone calls and emails — no one engages that way anymore. Event calendars, interactive communities and direct messaging in a single app keep them invested.

Challenge the Status Quo