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Higher adoption, better insights

Most student portals don’t offer a native mobile app or integrate with all of your major systems, meaning you’re leaving a lot of valuable data and insights untapped. By giving students, faculty and even alumni a one-stop-shop for all of their needs, you have better data about how they’re doing, what they’re engaging with and how connected they are.


One system, many functions

It takes a lot of systems and applications to run your university. Unfortunately, many of those systems are siloed, creating a frustrating user experience and leaving a lot of insights undiscovered.

Pull everything together into a single portal and see how your students, faculty and staff are really engaging.

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It’s all about personalization

Everywhere we go online, we’re catered to. We only see the most relevant content based on our profile or search history. Why not offer the same convenience to your students?

Pathify helps institutions create a focused, personalized experience by filtering content, automating online group membership and letting people with similar interests connect. In a world with overwhelming digital options, simpler is better.

  • 92% of college students receive personalized recommendations from Netflix daily
  • 79% of millennials have made a purchase from Amazon based on personalized recommendations
  • 70% of students cite the institution’s website as influential in their decision making

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Modernizing the student experience

Whether it’s about empowering students to succeed, accessing better data insights, driving engagement, supporting remote students, increasing communication, fostering community, updating woefully outdated systems or something completely unique, institutions around the world are finding success with Pathify.

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