Meet Pathify

We make students’ lives easier

Pathify is an innovative higher ed engagement hub that puts students at the center of their college journey. We elevate the information that matters and background the rest, making it simpler for students to discover and engage with the opportunities your institution provides — at every step of their higher ed journey.

Our Promise

Pathify exists to enrich the student journey, empowering institutions to guarantee EVERY student easy access to the resources, systems and investments that make your school unique.

Empowering students to take control of their college journey.

Moving on From Siloed Tech Stacks

As the pandemic tore across North America in May of 2020, John O’Brien wrote in Inside Higher Ed that “technology can no longer be seen as a utility working quietly in the background. Now more than ever, technology is a strategic asset that is vital to the success of every institution.” This insight has proven completely true, with institutions rushing to plug gaps created by the uncertainty of in person and remote student life with a myriad of new point technologies.

Creating a Distinct Advantage for Institutions

So what if an institution recognizes these crises, agrees there’s a massive user experience gap for students and chooses to meet it head-on? What if they could:

Integrate together any relevant point or source system in a way that surfaced highly personalized content and information to students on a single dashboard—on any device?

Consolidate and personalize all institutional communications, from emergency alerts to advisor communications, to event notifications into a single, unified place?

Administer secure online spaces for groups, clubs, and individuals to connect and build community digitally?

Deliver a consistent user experience throughout the entire student lifecycle, actually amplifying the investments, technology, and resources available to students by making them usable and accessible?

Because the Student Experience Matters


The strategic vision at Pathify is to fill the gap at the center of the digital ecosystem, becoming the single, user experience interface tying together all systems, content, and communications.  Picture this interface as the core, living at the center of a complex universe of technology, communications, events, and resources.  Imagine a central user experience nexus for students, pulling a hyper-personalized, custom view of their world to a single hub – on any device.  We call this The Engagement Hub and it’s completely unique.

Moving past “just a portal” to a full Engagement Hub

Enter Pathify’s Engagement Hub – Prospects, Portal, Communities, Success, and Alumni – spanning the entire student lifecycle. By delivering a consistent and accessible user experience for students, institutions take the onus off maintaining the multitude of source and point solution interfaces, creating an incredible amount of flexibility to upgrade or replace technology.  Push systems like the SIS behind the scenes where they belong—without disrupting student life.

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