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Digital natives expect to access everything and anything from their phones. Surpass those expectations with Pathify.

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Why an App Matters

Native mobile is more powerful

Delivering a native mobile app with your student portal should absolutely go without saying. Does any truly modern software not deliver web/mobile parity? Delivering a cohesive experience on every device amplifies reach while democratizing access to critical information for students and staff from all walks of life.

Push Notifications

Push it real good

If a student isn’t checking their email, has changed their phone number (so you can’t SMS them) and isn’t logging into the portal, how are you supposed to reach them? A native mobile app allows you to send push notifications, giving you a better chance of engaging with them.

With push notifications, make sure students always have the most important information without having to go look for it. Encourage engagement by sending a notification reminding students to log into the portal if they’ve been inactive or have pressing tasks.

Stop making students hunt for what they need. Instead, serve it to them when they need it most in a highly personalized and engaging way.

Mobile Push Notification

Your Mobile Experience

See the mobile app in action

Wanna see how sleek the Pathify mobile app is? Take a peek! (Psst, the app will be branded with your colors and logo. Want to see what that would look like? Let us show you!)

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