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The Future of Liberal Arts Tech with Rollins College

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The Future of Liberal Arts Tech with Rollins College

Tucked against the banks of Lake Virginia, Rollins College stands as an academic oasis basking in sunny Winter Park, Florida. With a history steeped in liberal arts, Rollins places a premium on facilitating personalized learning experiences, promoting responsible leadership and empowering students. This philosophy also shapes the college’s approach to technology. 

For years, Rollins operated a homegrown student portal as a repository for various links and third-party applications. Recognizing the need for a refreshed, interactive digital student experience, Rollins launched Pathify’s Engagement Hub, leveraging Flow — Pathify’s proprietary middleware — in creating a Rollins-specific, streamlined campus journey. Jacob Potter, a Programmer/Analyst in the College’s Information Technology (IT) department, shared how his team successfully built widgets using Flow. 

Preparation, Polls and Portal Training

The Power of Customization

Armed with student and staff opinions and platform knowledge, the team went live with its Pathify portal — MyRollins — in August 2023. Now, the digital student experience no longer involves sifting through pages of links — instead landing on a dynamic, personalized dashboard filled with relevant information. 

It’s a welcomed change — and Potter acknowledged Rollins’ custom Registration Hub widget as a prime example. The widget displays holds and registration links during peak season and shows students’ personalized registration information — “a major communication improvement,” he said. “Before, students consulted a chart based on their class year, cohort and academic standing,” Potter reflected. “Now, they see information based on all those factors right in their portal.”

Rollins also developed custom widgets for print balances (integrating with PaperCut), student account balances (integrating with Transact) and staff paid time off (integrating with Ellucian Banner). Additionally, the College migrated new student onboarding checklists into Pathify Tasks, allowing students to view and complete timely action items within the platform. When students must complete action items, they log into one place — “or, more commonly, open the app on their phone,” added Potter — creating a space where the entire campus remains connected, informed and engaged.

Less Burden…and a Happy Surprise

Looking Ahead

The work on custom widgets and Flow isn’t done yet. “We’re exploring several custom widget ideas — both expanding our existing integrations and adding new ones,” Potter said. These include adding meal plan swipes to the dining balance widget and integrating additional campus checklists into Tasks. Above all, Potter and the team remain impressed with Pathify’s role in modernizing the student experience — on the front and back end. “Pathify enhanced our development process, offering simplicity in code management, deployment and integrations,” he concluded. “We’re also simplifying the user experience for a student at Rollins. It’s now more a more social, interactive, and engaging experience.”

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