Core Portal

The core of your student experience

No need to build and maintain a 100% custom student portal. Pathify Core comes standard with the most commonly used widgets to help you provide a useful experience from day one. Plus, with sophisticated web/mobile parity, users can access their portal (and all the vital information it contains) from any device.

Core Widgets

The digital heartbeat of your institution

Dashboard & Activity Views

The most important info front & center

The portal homepage is a customized view that surfaces the most important information based on user roles, so your students always see exactly what they need to right away. Users can choose from a widget-based dashboard or a social media inspired activity feed.

Students can further personalize their experience by pinning shortcuts to their favorite pages, tools and school systems for easy one-click access. The dashboard aims to provide an intuitive student experience, one that actually helps them succeed.

Portal activity and dashboard views


A toolbox for all your student systems

The number of systems, apps and tools necessary for today’s higher ed experience is crazy. Remembering how to log into each of these important tools takes doctorate-level smarts. Cut your students some slack by making it easy to access everything they need from a single spot with a single login.

Pathify lets you surface the right tools to the right users at the right time. You decide what tools show up based on user roles. From there, users can personalize their experience by configuring their Tools view and favoriting their most visited systems.

Tasks and Integrations


Grab their attention when you need it most

There are times when you absolutely need to get important information in front of the right people, but breaking through the noise can be difficult, especially when students and staff are inundated with announcements that may or may not apply to them. Let’s fix that.


Users see a familiar notifications alert icon when they log into their portal, naturally grabbing their attention.

Mobile Push Notifications

Because Pathify offers a native mobile app, you can take advantage of mobile push notification capabilities.


Surface important alerts to specific user groups at the top of their main view.

Emergency Alerts

Pathify integrates with your emergency alert system to help spread your most important alerts ASAP.


Notifications students actually pay attention to

Social media has trained people to look for notifications about new activity. Why not apply that consumer-style approach to a student portal? Notifications make it easy for users to catch up on the most important stuff, including campus-wide alerts, updates from their groups, upcoming due dates and more.

Offering the same experience on web and mobile means notifications work across all devices. Students decide what they’d like to be notified about and how they’d like to receive notifications — including an option for push notifications.

Notifications on mobile


Easily create & maintain content

Information often gets lost on websites because it’s hard to find. Or the information is outdated because the people who know about the topic don’t control the page. Pathify solves both problems with one solution: Pages.

Pages are easy to create and maintain with role-based permissions. Users only have access to the pages that matter to them and can favorite them so they’re easy to find every time.

In portal pages

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