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Enhance the student experience

A student portal can’t be one-size-fits-all. When it is, it’s ineffective and students stop using it.

Your portal should empower students to take control of their personal journey with the exact information and resources they need. Add a modern UI, web/mobile parity and integrations with other higher ed apps and you have a portal that exceeds today’s student expectations.

Welcome to Pathify.

Student portal on web and mobile

Core Portal

Your gateway to a personalized portal

How many different applications, websites and portals do your students, staff and faculty use each day? Wouldn’t it be great if they could get all that vital information in one location? (Just imagine what that would do for login rates and engagement.)

Pathify pulls everything students, faculty and staff need into a single platform accessible via web or native mobile app.

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A digital home for campus groups

Give on-campus groups a digital home that you have insight into and control over (unlike outside social media networks). Whether your students are all in one place or remote learners, Groups allow users with similar interests to virtually gather and interact. 

  • Create community
  • Encourage engagement
  • Ensure security


Keep tasks top of mind

Between classes, groups, administrative tasks, special projects and everything else happening on campus, keeping it all straight takes effort. Pathify reduces this effort, helping students take control of their experience. Surface important to-do lists and reminders from all your student and administrative systems in a single forum.


Integrate existing systems into one portal

From student information systems and learning management systems to productivity suites and emergency alert systems, the sheer amount of technology can be overwhelming. You want a student portal that integrates with any key system, not a walled garden that insists you live entirely in their ecosystem. 

Pathify Integrations

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