We’re celebrating our podcast’s first anniversary by looking back at the most popular episodes.

by Dustin Ramsdell

With 2023 firmly in the rearview mirror, we thought it was time to reflect on the success of the inaugural season of the Connected Campus podcast

We worked hard this past year in creating a consistent stream of relevant audio and video content for our community. As we revisit the most downloaded episodes, each of them showed listeners valued the diverse range of guests we featured. They came from a variety of institutions and organizations supporting higher education. 

Below, we’ll highlight the most popular episodes and share what made them special. That way, if you missed them the first time, you can add 2023’s best of the best to your list!

  1. Ep. #1: Nicole Baldassarre on Dynamic Digital Community Building

Premiere episodes always are more popular, given their position in the series. Nevertheless, Nicole served up infectious energy and enthusiasm in this interview. She spoke from her vantage point working as InSpace’s Head of Sales, which embraces the inherent complexity of online communities and strives to foster meaningful connections between students, faculty and staff.

  1. Ep. #40: One App to Rule Them All from the 2023 Fall Summit

A great panel discussion has a unique magic to it. Everyone builds off one another and the conversation becomes organically well-rounded. It also includes diverse perspectives and relevant insights for a variety of listeners. This session was an excellent example and featured some of our favorite collaborators, like Rene Eborn and Jared Stein. It’s worth a listen if you missed it!

  1. Ep. #3: Andy Gould on Modern Digital Student Engagement

When we first launched our podcast, one of the organizations we reached out to was our good friends at Modern Campus. Andy is one of our top counterparts there and he gave a great perspective on making a compelling case for higher ed to stay relevant to students’ preferences in this episode.

  1. Ep. #24: Alan Schomaker on Leading Campus Wide Digital Transformation Efforts

Alan hails from Loyola University – New Orleans, where he serves as the CIO. In his position, he oversees several fascinating digital transformation projects. For example, Alan shares in this episode how his work addresses the unique geographic issues of the institution, including managing on-premise servers and complications arising from hurricanes. This concern in particular was a driver of integrating more web-based hosting solutions for his institution.

  1. Ep. #39: Stephanie Geyer on Driving Digital Transformation and Innovation

In this October episode, Stephanie shared great insights into personalization for students and effectively implementing digital transformation and its importance. Driving innovation is complicated. Nevertheless, it’s necessary in navigating this consequential moment for higher ed. We were grateful to feature Stephanie’s amazing perspective on this topic.

We’re excited about another year of stellar episodes of our podcast. Season 2 just kicked off so make sure you subscribe (Available wherever you get your podcasts!) so you never miss an episode!