Pathify vs Ellucian

See why leading institutions move from Luminis to Pathify, giving their students greater personalization, communications, and ownership of their digital experience — all in one place.

First, we want to give a quick nod to the Ellucian team.

They’ve built great SIS and CRM products that help many institutions. We’ve integrated with their solutions dozens of times and we don’t see that changing.

So what’s the difference between Pathify and Ellucian?

Ellucian software covers a large swath of systems at an institution — including Banner and Colleague — while we focus exclusively (or, as we like to say, obsess) on creating a centralized digital hub to streamline the digital student experience. That’s it.

Sure there are different product features (which we get into further down this page), but the biggest difference is how we think about the student experience.

Why Pathify

Our Promise: Making Students’ Lives Easier

Pathify exists to enrich the student journey, empowering institutions to guarantee EVERY student at each point of the student lifecycle easy access to the resources, systems and investments that make your school unique.


Customize Your Engagement Hub

Deep Two-Way Integrations With Your Entire Stack

With Pathify, you use whichever SIS, LMS and any other system you prefer. Our robust integration process supports your chosen solutions within Pathify, regardless of the vendor. Ellucian has well respected SIS and ERP solutions, so bring them along into a well developed and proven portal environment. 

Pathify Integrations

AVC’s Journey from Luminis to Pathify

“We really found that Pathify hit all of our checkboxes — they met all of our requirements from a feature set standpoint. We really liked the idea that we could build our own widgets, and that the platform was incredibly extensible.”

When AVC learned Luminis was sun setting, the college started looking for a modern alternative that better fit its student, faculty, and institution needs. They considered Ex Libris, Unifyed, rSmart, and Ellucian Experience. Then they found Pathify.

Pathify Customer Launches

See Pathify in the Wild


Pathify = Your Digital Hub

Your Students Deserve a Better Digital Experience

Student portals offering a personalized experience are a growing trend in higher ed. But not all “personalized portals” are created equal. These key features set Pathify apart from the pack.

Industry Leading Personalization

Reach Students On Any Device

Keep Students Focused On Success

Customize to Your Heart’s Desire

Build an Engaged Community

Engage the Entire Student Lifecycle

Find Your Pathify

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