Pathify vs Experience

With Luminis® sunsetting, institutions seek alternatives to Experience.

As product support for Luminis ends June 30, 2024, institutions must decide how to replace self-service front end capabilities for students.

As a result, scores of Banner® institutions are selecting Pathify to replace Luminis, opting for a single presentation layer connecting both the Ellucian ecosystem, and all other technologies students interact with daily.

Why Banner schools choose Pathify

For a side-by-side comparison of Pathify and Experience functionality, see the table below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Pathify provides several non-API methods for integrating Banner information.

Absolutely. Pathify provides a whole host of methods for integrating on-prem, customized versions of Banner.

Pathify’s deep integration with Banner allows institutions to surface the most critical information students need in their day-to-day lives, including GPA, major, advisor, graduation date, holds and restrictions. By the end of 2023, Pathify’s Banner integration will closely mirror the data an Ellucian user finds using Experience.

No. Whether you’re on-prem or on cloud SaaS with Banner, you receive any and all integrations offered in Pathify’s Recipe Library.

No problem. Pathify provides a multitude of ways to integrate Banner with Pathify whether you’re staying with a customized version of Banner or have moved to cloud SaaS.

Functionally: The same way you would if you were sending students to Banner 9 directly. If you prefer the UX Experience provides for Banner 9 over the UX Banner 9 itself provides, Pathify will send students to Experience when needed.
Commercially: Banner 9 Pages are included in the free version of Experience (Foundation) — so whether you want to use the Experience UX for Banner 9 or Banner 9 itself, there’s no commercial difference.

It sure does. Pathify’s Recipe Library provides a growing list of 50+ Recipes, connecting higher ed’s most popular tools (not just Ethos-connected systems) through a variety of data transfer methods and formats. System Admins run Recipes to create both Widgets & integrations with Pathify features without the need for a developer.

If you have devs on staff, their time is freed up to leverage Pathify’s proprietary middleware platform (Flow) to create Widgets & Pages with any JS-framework. They use Flow to build custom Widgets, Pages or feature integrations, with Recipes providing launchpads to get started. 

Pathify offers Standard Implementation free of charge. If you have something super custom we’ll scope it out with you, but the vast majority of our customers are implemented without setup fees.

In a post-COVID world lacking in-person connection, Pathify’s Communities module connects constituents with peers, departments, campus offices, support services, student organizations, and more to seamlessly enhance a sense of community, belonging and support.

Yes. Pathify provides native document management through its Resources functionality. In tandem with Pathify’s robust search, students find exactly what they need without navigating through a trove of files.

Pathify focuses on a couple key factors during implementation and launch — time to value and rapid adoption. The Pathify team works with schools to identify their ideal launch timeline, then focuses training, content, integration and marketing efforts around ensuring the vast majority of students actively use the app just days after go-live.

Although not necessary — absolutely. Some schools have chosen to link from Pathify to various self-service Banner functions provided by Experience, while integrating everything else through Pathify. Because there’s a free version of Experience (and because Pathify is more than willing to work toward a commercial arrangement that works for schools), this is a viable option.

Schedule a demo to check out how Pathify remains the best replacement for Luminis, and we’d be happy to send you one!

High-Level Feature Table

Portal & Mobile App• Provided to all customers• Premium Only
Integrations & Extensibility• Vendor agnostic with 100+ integrations provided to all customers
• Dozens of new integrations and widgets released monthly
• Build custom widgets with Flow
• Primarily integrates with Ellucian products
• Integrates with Ethos-connected partners
• Experience SDK – React.js & Node.js
Branding & Design• Highly configurable self-service branding 
• Consumer-grade UI/UX across web & mobile
• Branding/color capabilities
Search• Native search capabilities
• External website/page search capabilities
• Search for Cards & Pages only
Resources / Files• Native and integrated document management• Not provided
Content Management• Native content Pages
• Intuitive content management
• Embed existing web content
• Build Cards using card templates or SDK
Announcements• Native and integrated Announcements
• Multiple delivery channels (email, SMS, in-portal, mobile push notifications)
• Native Announcements
Analytics• In-application analytics and reporting• Not Provided
Tasks• Native and Integrated Tasks from any system• Tasks integrated from Ellucian products
Communities• Groups functionality supporting discussions, messaging, events and calendars• Not Provided
Events & Calendars• Native and Integrated Events functionality• No event functionality
• Ellucian calendars integrated
Digital Wallet• Digital Wallet integrating multiple online and physical IDs & cards• Not Provided
Prospect Portal• Front-end engagement hub for Prospects
• Unauthenticated view
• Not Provided
Alumni Portal• Front-end engagement hub for Alumni• Not Provided

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