The institution propels itself into the future by enhancing the student digital experience with Pathify.

In the heart of northwestern Iowa, where the landscape echoes the quiet determination of its community, Beth Elman, the Executive Director of Marketing at Iowa Lakes Community College sought a solution in guiding the college toward modern connectedness. With ambition, a strategic vision and long-awaited grant funding, the college partnered with Pathify — revolutionizing student engagement and communication. 

The Search Begins

Recognizing funding constraints as a challenge, Elman applied for — and received — a Lumina Foundation grant, aligning Pathify with Iowa Lakes’ vision of eliminating barriers to enrollment and fostering increased connectedness with the college.

“Given our rural location, we knew the importance of providing mobile access for students to connect with Iowa Lakes,” she said. “With mobile, we knew students would connect with us, other students and faculty.”

Elman emphasized the importance of connecting systems seamlessly but providing a user-friendly, social media-inspired user experience. Compelling proof from neighboring peer institutions — such as Indian Hills Community College and North Iowa Area Community College — further strengthened Iowa Lakes’ confidence in Pathify.

Building Buy-in

Elman collaborated with various departments and stakeholders within the college, gaining support from the Dean of Students and other leaders in building a collective sense of ownership.

“The only way I saw Pathify as successful was with cross-departmental input and support – understanding how the portal will be used and how it will benefit them. The more people with ownership, the more they’ll want it to succeed,” Elman observed.

From a tech perspective, the college desired full compatibility with Ellucian Colleague, ensuring seamless integration, facilitating enhanced efficiency and reducing duplicate work. “Compatibility and connectivity with our existing systems was crucial,” she added. “Above all, we were cognizant of making sure Pathify’s not just another system, but a tool everyone on campus will use.”

Excitement for the Future

Elman’s vision for Pathify extends beyond mere system connectivity. “Connecting systems will always be important,” she noted. “We also see Pathify improving our student experience, offering more effective communication.” 

From streamlining access to Canvas to consolidating resources and notifications within the platform, Elman remains excited and optimistic about Pathify’s ability to modernize the student experience.  “It’s invaluable to connect students with other, like-minded students. We see Pathify completely transforming how we communicate,” she said. 

Iowa Lakes plans on fully launching its Pathify portal in summer 2024.  

About Iowa Lakes Community College

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