Grants, Workshops, Poster Sessions, and a Pitch Off? (You had me at grants…)

Here at Campus, we are getting REALLY excited about the Educause conference. There are a ton of really cool reasons and we wanted to share them with you, including the new GRANT we are included in. (It goes live the last day of Educause…more on that in a sec.)
For starters, we kind of see this as our Grand Opening. Yes, Campus (under the heading Ucroo) has been a connection engine in Australian Universities for years. But it wasn’t until about 18 months ago that Campus became a US Company, starting to work with schools across the United States. And as you’ll soon see, we are really building up some amazing partners! About a dozen new schools will join our existing partners in the upcoming few weeks and months. So we hope you see why we feel like this is our Grand Opening. It’s time for the American spotlight!

Next, we are beyond excited that Campus has been picked as the platform of choice for the Connectedness Grant. If you haven’t heard by now, the Institute for Inter-Connected Education has been given funding to help a college or university get our world class Campus web portal and mobile app for free! On top of that , IICE faculty and fellows will help with implementation, change management, and more, making it a really valuable, strategic way to break away from a clunky old portal or ensure staff, faculty, and students have a mobile app that gives access to all the same stuff as the central hub (aka the portal). The grant goes “live” on the last day of Educause (Nov 2), so be sure to check back in just a few weeks!

But the grant is only part of the fun. To kick off both Educause AND the grant, the Institute is holding a ½ day workshop (also sponsored, so free to anyone who signs up) which will include lunch. The workshop is for any educational administrator, staff, or faculty and will showcase how a learning ecosystem works, what part various departments should play inside that system, and some effective practices from long time experts. RSVP by contacting [email protected] and do plan to join us. It will be a great experience.

Campus was also very honored to be part of Start-Up Alley AND the “Under the Ed Tech Radar” Pitch Competition! (Wednesday at 3pm in the vendor theater.)  So, be sure to come by our booth (S28) in Start-Up Alley – we’ll be giving away some swag but we will have drawings for a handful of MAJOR PRIZES! Then keep an eye peeled for the Pitch Competition, which is held in the middle of the vendor area. Come help the judges pick a winner by cheering on your favorite new product!

We also want to let you know that our very own Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jeff Borden is presenting two poster sessions specific to teams, groups, and how to collaborate in an education setting without the normal hassles people associate with groups. It’s based off of a keynote address he has delivered almost a dozen times and will give you some insights about teaching, process, assessment, technology, and more!

Come and visit our booth located in the Start-Up alley (S28) to find out about our special offer, and talk to us about how to help make your campus more connected, your students more successful, and your staff / faculty more satisfied! See you at Educause 2018!