Animated gif of Pathify's Digital ID showing the ID for Gunterdorf College student, Stew Dent. Including vaccination status and library pass.

Digital ID offers institutions a mobile-first solution for students to utilize their ID through the Pathify app. This allows access to events, campus buildings, purchasing food and much more.

Like it or not, wallets are becoming obsolete – especially for Generation Z. As mobile payment and keyless access apps become more prevalent in students’ everyday lives, their willingness to carry multiple cards is declining rapidly. 

Students want to have everything at the convenience of their mobile device. It’s not only more convenient, but easier to keep track of than a bunch of cards that are easy to lose. 

Pathify is thrilled to offer a solution for institutions that no longer want to deal with droves of students who forget their ID cards. Digital ID enables students to access buildings, dining plans and the library straight from their phone.

We work with your team to make the digital ID unique to your institution’s needs. 

How Digital ID Benefits Institutions

Digital ID offers institutions a mobile-first solution for students to utilize their ID through the Pathify app. This allows them access to events, enter campus buildings and purchase food through their meal plan.

It prevents instances where users forget to bring a physical card and integrates with any system that utilizes bar or QR codes. With Digital ID, students no longer need to carry a physical card with them so there’s no risk of them losing their IDs or being misused by other students. 

Digital ID is perfect for attendance tracking at campus events anywhere with a QR code scanner. Simply scan the code on the student’s ID and get accurate attendance numbers for any campus event. 

Key Features

ID Information – Digital ID holds the user’s school ID number and an institution approved ID photo so students can track bookstore purchases, open computer labs, or access a dorm or athletic facility.

Vaccination status – Admins have the option of adding a student’s COVID vaccination status to their cards to track various activities requiring vaccination compliance.

Event check-in – Track event attendance by scanning each attendee’s QR code upon checking in to an event.

Library access – If an institution’s library card differs from the student ID, Digital ID allows the institution to merge the two cards in a single view.

Meal plan – Digital ID ties seamlessly with a student’s existing meal plan so they can access the dining hall while simplifying meal plan management.

Digital ID provides a secure, mobile-first solution for student IDs. Say goodbye to bulky physical cards and hello to Digital ID.