Widget Library

Pathify officially launched Widget Library to fill a dual need of students wanting a more personalized higher ed experience while easing the pressure off IT departments.

Today’s students live in a highly personalized world. These students log into almost any app they use each day and personalize it exactly to their liking. Whether it’s social media, news, shopping or entertainment, students have complete control over content in almost every aspect of their life.

That said, the world of higher ed software typically lacks the personalization and configurability existing in other facets of life. Students are required to interact with a variety of siloed systems built with little regard for making information easy to find. This is especially true with the portal experience, where students often have to dig through a complex series of links to get what they need.

Pathify’s Engagement Hub initially solved this problem by:

  • Integrating several point and source systems to a single, personalized dashboard.
  • Consolidating and personalizing all institutional communications in a single, unified experience.
  • Offering online spaces for groups, clubs and individuals to connect and build community digitally.
  • Delivering a consistent user experience throughout the entire student lifecycle, increasing the usability of the institution’s existing software investments.

Today, we’re thrilled to further increase our advantage in user personalization and configurability with the announcement of our newest product, Widget Library.

“This space has never seen a hub that brings together information from your favorite higher ed systems out-of-the-box,” said Chase Williams, Pathify CEO. “And this is just the beginning. We’ll be adding more Recipes all the time so institutions can connect, simplify and elevate their digital experience.”

Widget Library is your key to the highly personalized experience your students want. It allows institutions to design custom widgets that surface the most important information to your students in their own, personalized dashboard while providing a unique and interactive experience.

It allows administrators to quickly configure widgets by following Recipes regardless of their technical experience, while also giving students the flexibility to choose which widgets surface on their dashboard.

How Widget Library Benefits Institutions

Easy to administer
Widget Library allows administrators with all levels of technical skills to add Recipes to the student dashboard, democratizing portal control to a variety of departments while decreasing their reliance on development work.

Configurable, personalized experience
Students customize basically everything to their personal preferences. Shouldn’t the same flexibility exist in their portal? Widget Library enables students to configure the Engagement Hub the way they want to experience your institution.

Social friendly
Allow students to stay on top of your institution’s campus culture by seeing all social feeds in one place. With Widget Library, students will follow multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts right from their dashboard.

One of the biggest innovations Widget Library brings to the table is the Recipe Library. It allows admins to search and filter a variety of Recipes that can be installed with no IT work required. The Recipe Library is a growing list of tools admins can add to the student dashboard including:

  • Alerts
  • Balances
  • Chatbot
  • Calendar integrations
  • Third-party job boards
  • LMS
  • Social media handles
  • Student success
  • Payments

This gives students a number of options to configure their dashboard exactly to their liking. By providing this extra level of personalization, students are more likely to adopt and continue using your instance of The Engagement Hub. 

As a result, you’ll receive fewer inbound inquiries and students will feel more connected at your institution.

How Students Use Widget Library

Receive Information through a Single Pane of Glass
Widget Library allows students to access grades, check their account balance and much more without ever leaving the portal. Make information easy to navigate by consolidating the number of websites students need to check on a daily basis. 

Configurable Dashboard with Relevant Content
Give students the option to surface information on their terms. Widget Library allows students to pick and choose the widgets they want on their dashboard while hiding the ones they don’t.

Connect with Social Apps
Students can stay on top of what your institution is saying on social media. Our Twitter and Instagram widgets provide an extra layer of personalization to keep students glued to the portal, driving adoption.

Accessing Critical Resources
Knowing what resources are available helps students feel supported and confident your institution cares about their success. Put critical resources front and center so students can find them easily, not have to hunt for them.

Pathify is thrilled to continue to lead the pack in student engagement, personalization and connectedness. Widget Library is a huge step forward in making life easier for hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. 

Come visit us at EDUCAUSE Booth #561 and learn how Widget Library can impact your institution.