Custom Widgets

Customize your portal

Design custom widgets that surface the most important news and information to your students right in their personalized portal dashboard. Maximize your existing technology investments!

Tasks and Integrations

Your Dream Widgets

You dream it, we’ll build it

Pathify’s Core Portal comes with our most commonly requested widgets out of the box, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Whether you want to surface sports scores, newsfeeds, campus maps, faculty-specific information or something totally different, custom widgets make your portal a highly configurable and useful way to express what makes your institution unique.

Common Custom Widget Types


Surface sports scores, custom news feeds, daily content delivery (like a motivational quote), anything your students might be interested in at a glance.

Trackers & Checklists

Help students keep track of things like profile completion, requirements or countdowns to important events. Add checklists and document upload widgets to help keep them on track.

Student Life

Everything a student needs to know to be happy, healthy and successful: dining hall menus, public transportation maps, job boards and health and wellness information.


Put academic insight and help at their fingertips with widgets that show grades, display advisor information and more. You can also create faculty-specific widgets for faculty users.

Creating Custom Widgets

Two ways to customize your widgets

Real Life Custom Widgets

Custom Academic Widgets

Surface the most important academic information and give students an easy way to engage with their courses, professors and course material.

Custom Checklist & Planning Widgets

Keep students on track by making it crystal clear what tasks are complete and what still needs attention.

Custom Student Life Widgets

The higher ed experience should be about more than just academics. Help students navigate student life with widgets that help share critical information they need to be healthy, happy and successful.

Custom Tracker Widgets

What’s better than checking the completed box on a long list of to dos? Keep students motivated with custom trackers and countdown clocks.

Custom News Widgets

Build a sense of community, engagement and awareness by putting important school news and sports scores front and center. These custom widgets drive student engagement with the portal by surfacing what’s new and exciting.

Challenge the Status Quo