We recently inaugurated a new panel of higher ed leaders from nine institutions to support our continued success.

by Dustin Ramsdell

We’re pleased to announce a fresh new panel of higher ed leaders who will comprise our Customer Advisory Board (also known as the “CAB”) heading into 2024.

The new executive members include:

  • Bret Ingerman, Tallahassee Community College
  • Christopher Harvey, St. Petersburg College
  • Ellie Kates-da Silva, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia
  • Eric Alvarado, St. John’s University
  • Joe Mancini, Montgomery County Community College
  • Rene Eborn, Utah State University
  • Robert Henderson, University of the Pacific
  • Robert Rundquist, Chaffey College
  • Rohini Ananthakrishnan, University of Denver

The Pathify community may recognize many of these names as committed, active and enduring members often featured in our content. We value their insights, leading us to establish the CAB as a more formal, ongoing avenue for meaningful engagement.

The CAB members are chosen from our entire community of customers to serve on the board for at least one year, but up to four years total. We hope to eventually include more of our customers to allow for dynamic dialogues to take place.

This exclusive group gathers quarterly to support Pathify in our various efforts. Their contributions include product feedback, content themes and other ideas aimed at improving the customer experience.

We’re also encouraging executive CAB members to include their direct reports, enabling junior team members to broaden their leadership experiences and professional development opportunities. This list offers a glimpse into the full CAB body, showcasing our enthusiasm for leveraging the vast and diverse insights from each represented institution.

Explore our Leadership page for in-depth information on each CAB member, offering insights into the backgrounds of all the executives mentioned above.

Join us in celebrating these members of the Pathify community for volunteering their time to help all of our partners reach higher levels of success!