OK…let’s get real…

What you are reading is considered an “edu” blog.  We blog for an audience of educators, mostly at the higher ed level.  And aside from free stuff and fantastic prizes, most are not interested in reading edu-blogs during the holidays.  (Free stuff?)

Colleges and universities let out at least a week ago, if not more.  They are not going to start again for another 10 days, with some not coming back until mid-January.  The students are not even thinking about their college classes, dorms, tests, or internships.  They are basking in the glow of family, friends, holiday jobs, or possibly a break-up here or there.  Faculty are writing, purposefully not writing, or tanning on a beach in some far-away land.  Administrators are…well, let’s face it, they’re likely sitting at home softly crying or washing away their tears with a nice Pinot.  2019 is going to be your year Administrators!!!  Believe it!  But all in all, our audience is gone.  Long gone.

So why are we writing this blog?  Mostly because we committed to putting out a new blog every Wednesday this year and with no exceptions, we were able to do so.  When we commit to something, we finish it!

But also for one of those gamified, stumbled upon, moments of holiday cheer.  We’re going to offer you a present.

That’s right.  Just because you were crazy enough or bored enough or lonely enough or driven enough or whatever enough…here is a present for you.

Schedule a demonstration with us before midnight of December 31, 2018, and if that demo leads to a paid adoption of our portal / mobile app we’ll waive the setup fee.  (Just schedule the demo – we’ll actually / likely do the demo during the first two or three weeks of January after everyone has returned from vacation.)  That’s a (roughly) $7-10,000 present just to see if anyone is paying attention during the week between Christmas and New Years.  (Ah!  Free stuff!)

So happy holidays and we wish everyone the happiest New Year ever.  We hope 2019 is a year of healing, hope, and happiness for all.  But that sentiment is likely going unnoticed, right?  Nobody will read this blog…

The Campus Team