We’re highlighting and analyzing the blog content our community found most important this past year.

by Dustin Ramsdell

It is a common annual tradition for organizations to share their top content of the previous year. With 2023 fully behind us, we wanted to take a moment to do the same while adding context and analysis to our most visited blog posts from the past year.

Each of these posts were recently updated due to their ongoing popularity and relevance in the higher education space. Here’s the list in order from most popular to least:

  1. Strategies to Improve Alumni Engagement

This blog post is one we are especially proud of as it addresses one of the most stubborn issues for higher education — getting a diverse and global community of alumni to consistently engage with what your institution is offering. The staff working in this area are always looking for new ideas to innovate and improve their efforts and we’re glad many of those folks found this a helpful resource!

  1. 7 Attributes of a Great Partnership

We pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service and wrote this piece to detail the values we live out every day when it comes to collaboration and partnership. While the attributes outlined apply to any professional, working relationship, transparency is important to us, and we wanted to share the target we’re aiming for so we can be held accountable for those outcomes.

  1. 4 Predictions for the Future of Technology in Education

This post was an interesting one to revisit and update. While there is never a shortage of hot takes and predictions nowadays, we found it productive reckoning with our guesses about the future of education technology. Anyone reading the updated version of this post gets even more value seeing the original prediction and the reality that played out.

  1. Student Demographics in Higher Education

Higher education’s core audience will continue to fundamentally change, causing major implications for how institutions must operate. We often see anecdotal evidence cited in these sorts of conversations, so we took great pride in analyzing validated data and empirical evidence to draw a clear picture of where student demographics are right now.

  1. Strategies to Increase Online Student Retention

This resource not only provides tactics in supporting online student retention but drives home the importance of addressing it. Student retention is a complex problem requiring support from a collection of institutional efforts. The work we do at Pathify creates engaging digital experiences comprising a core part of the strategy here, helping consolidate the work of all various stakeholders. 

2023 was quite a year for Pathify and we’re excited for what lies ahead. Many thanks to our entire community for all of their support!