Retaining Students Through Better Design

Higher education has long understood that every student faces contextual challenges. Debt, a lack of feeling connected, and fears of joblessness are just a few examples of stressors that keep students up at night. A digital platform that compliments your on-campus experience and proactively serves up resources helps uncomplicate student life.

The Innovative College Experience in 2021

Colleges and universities need to focus on helping students feel connected in every sense of the term. They need access to peers, learning options, financial aid, and academic support, but this is only possible at scale with technology. Unfortunately, digital solutions have fallen short in building these vital bridges – until now.

The education experience cannot begin and end with the classroom, remote or otherwise. Students who feel lonely, disconnected, unsupported, or incapable of learning are not primed for success. Students need to find people, tools, or task satisfaction (Stallard, 2020) – one, two, or all three at any given time – to truly be successful. That takes a digital infrastructure.