A Fireside Chat with DIS-Study Abroad

On-Demand Webinar

Student orientation is one of the first impressions students receive from an institution. It’s their chance to walk around campus, meet peers and settle in before their first day of classes. But as many first-year experience staff know, one of the challenges with orientation stems from presenting students with everything they need to know before officially stepping foot on campus without creating information overload.

DIS-Study Abroad in Scandinavia shares its secrets to running a smooth orientation for its program while sharing best practices for creating a lasting program. Join our fireside chat to discuss lessons learned and receive practical tips for upgrading the orientation experience.

We look forward to welcoming an all-Aussie audience for this webinar!


What You’ll Walk Away With

Unique orientation challenges for study abroad programs

The importance of creating a singular access point for all orientation-related activities

How restoring trust in the Student Portal resulted in all-time levels of engagement