Embracing Cheating:
How IT Departments Gain an Unfair Advantage with Generative AI

On-Demand Webinar

Let’s talk about avoiding undesirable inefficiencies by skillfully leveraging technology making early-adopting institutions more competitive in acquiring, retaining and graduating students. Discover how generative AI transforms student customer service at institutions while giving IT departments an edge. Join our webinar to explore the power generative AI holds for administrators.

The panel includes:

  • Chris Hagan, Chief Technology Officer at Pathify
  • Charles Elliott, Field Chief Technology Officer at Google

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How generative AI enables institutions to reduce routine work and focus on more meaningful tasks.
  • Students benefit from easy access to information and improved customer service.
  • Sneak preview of future innovations from Pathify.

What You’ll Walk Away With

Insights into leveraging internal data for generative AI models in higher ed

Understanding of the impact on administrative efficiency and employee focus

Knowledge on providing improved customer service and convenience to students

The Webinar Team

About Your Hosts:
Chris Hagan and Charles Elliott

Chris Hagan is an experienced Chief Technology Officer with nearly 20 years of expertise in the educational technology sector.

During his tenure at Monash University, he achieved the role of Solutions Architect and played a crucial role in the Architectural Review Board. He served as the Enterprise Architect for the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, overseeing retirement funds for the Australian government.

Chris led the development of MeTL, an award-winning open source whiteboard virtualization system, which received the Victorian Excellence in Technology award in 2011 and 2012.

Beyond educational technology, Chris has diverse experience in other technology domains such as econometrics, data imaging, biology and machine learning.

He is also the founder of Stackable Regiments, an education technology consultancy, where he provided consulting services to organizations like ADP on legacy software language and system uplift.

Charles Elliott is a Cloud Practice Lead focused on advancing research and enabling educators to scale using Google Cloud’s broad set of platforms and tools.

Over the last 14 years Charles has partnered with several leading researchers and labs in genomics, public health and life sciences as a technical advisor and hands-on developer. He began his career consulting on Big Data, Analytics and AI solutions helping customers define, design, and implement both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, Charles actively works within Google’s Customer Advisory Boards to promote Cloud best practices and introduce emerging technologies within academic and research communities.