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How does Pathify amplify PeopleSoft investments?

Oracle PeopleSoft offers a self service front end for its vast suite of technology, including useful functions like course registration, advising and access to tons of student life information. But as most institutions leverage a multitude of tech outside of PeopleSoft, it’s critical to provide a consistent user experience that reaches across the entire enterprise.

Pathify provides schools with a modern presentation layer while connecting the SIS with the institution’s digital ecosystem to create a singular, unified experience — with scores of clients successfully amplifying their existing Oracle investment. 

Moving to Oracle Cloud? Adding Pathify ensures a consistent look and feel while limiting the impact on students and other users.

Why PeopleSoft schools choose Pathify

Frequently Asked Questions

Pathify’s deep integration with PeopleSoft allows institutions to surface the most critical information students need in their day-to-day lives, including (but not limited to) GPA, major, advisor, graduation date, holds and restrictions. By 2024, Pathify plans to handle course registration from inside the Engagement Hub.

No problem. Pathify makes it easy to migrate between SIS vendors or move from PeopleSoft to the Cloud while maintaining a consistent front end.

Absolutely. Pathify provides a whole host of methods for integrating on-prem, customized versions of PeopleSoft.

It sure does. Pathify’s Recipe Library provides a growing list of 100+ Recipes, connecting higher ed’s most popular tools through a variety of data transfer methods and formats. System Admins run Recipes to create both Widgets & integrations with Pathify features without the need for a developer.

If you have devs on staff, their time is freed up to leverage Pathify’s proprietary middleware platform (Flow) to create Widgets & Pages with any JS-framework. They use Flow to build custom Widgets, Pages or feature integrations, with Recipes providing launchpads to get started. 

Pathify offers Standard Implementation free of charge. If you have something super custom we’ll scope it out with you, but the vast majority of our customers are implemented without setup fees.

In a post-COVID world lacking in-person connection, Pathify’s Communities module connects constituents with peers, departments, campus offices, support services, student organizations, and more to seamlessly enhance a sense of community, belonging and support.

Pathify focuses on a couple of key factors during implementation and launch — time to value and rapid adoption. The Pathify team works with schools to identify their ideal launch timeline, then focuses training, content, integration and marketing efforts around ensuring the vast majority of students actively use the app just days after go-live.

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