On-Demand Webinar

Pathify Prospects Live Demo

What’s the best way to compete for students since the world turned upside down? Provide prospects a personalized digital hub connecting them to the resources, students, and groups that make them feel a part of the community — early and often. 

In this 30-minute live demo, Pathify’s Head of Enablement, Mark Leary, will walk you through the Prospects module of our Engagement Hub. By showing off the best and brightest parts of your community and what makes your school unique, you’ll dramatically improve the chance prospective students will want to learn more and create a profile, unlocking their own personalized engagement hub as they continue to evaluate.

The Pathify Team

About Your Hosts:
Mark Leary & Julie Gumerman

Mark and Julie are both currently Pathify Solution Architects, where they spend their time helping institutions maximize their portal experience and investment.

What You’ll Walk Away With

Learn how to drive more prospect conversions through an impressive digital experience.

See how a personalized digital hub can connect students to resources, tools, and groups that bring them into the community.

Get best practices to streamline and simplify the application process through integrating current institutional systems.

Challenge the Status Quo