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VIP Coffee Chat

As the Fall 2022 semester kicks off, we’d like to celebrate our partners by toasting to a brand new school year. While enjoying your Starbucks beverage on us, you’ll get a first look at what’s to come for the latter half of this year and into 2023, delve into our Prospects Portal, and chat with members of our leadership team!

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What You’ll Walk Away With

A sneak peak at our Widget Library, and what’s to come in 2023

An understanding of our Prospects Portal and how it can increase your conversion rates for incoming students

Key updates for upcoming events and a dedicated Q&A with members of our leadership team

About Your Presenters

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Ike Nelson - Pathify VP of Customer Support
Ike Nelson
VP, Customer Success

Brian Alexander - Pathify Chief Product Officer
Brian Alexander
Chief Product Officer

Mark Leary
Director of Enablement