Pathify Announces Higher Ed Engagement Hub & Pathify Community

New initiatives further commitment to connection, engagement and success in higher ed

DENVER, February 21, 2022 – During its annual Spring Summit, Pathify, an innovative leader in higher education technology, launched the Higher Ed Engagement Hub. The Engagement Hub fills the void at the center of the higher ed digital ecosystem and creates a centralized user experience unifying all things digital. Pathify also announced Pathify Community to connect users in a collaborative environment.

The Engagement Hub addresses the entire student lifecycle, from prospects to alumni. It’s an innovative way for institutions to meaningfully and impactfully connect with students and encourage communication, community and engagement. Offering a highly personalized experience for each user at every point in their journey, the engagement hub supports deep vendor-agnostic integrations, collaborative social groups, personalized tasks, multi-channel communication and more across web and mobile. 

“The evolution of ed tech has been fragmented for a long time. Best-of-breed systems are highly siloed, making them difficult to use and extract their full value,” said Brian Alexander, Pathify Chief Product Officer. “Middleware helps, but it doesn’t solve the problem of disparate user experiences and interfaces. The Engagement Hub solves those issues. It brings the most important information from each system into a centralized, interactive platform so students get things done without hopping between systems.”

Pathify Community is a simple, interactive way for Pathify users to connect and engage. Built on the same Pathify engagement hub customers use at their institutions, Pathify Community gives customers a platform to ask questions, share configuration and deployment best practices and access resources.

“As a company, we pride ourselves on helping people form connections and engage. It makes sense to extend that ethos to our customers,” said Ike Nelson, Pathify VP of Customer Success. “Pathify Community will be a great place for our customers to learn from each other, collaborate and interact.”

“Pathify is committed to user-focused innovations and these initiatives are the next evolution of that commitment,” said Chase Williams, Pathify CEO. “Having created a future-looking student portal we took a step back to look at the bigger picture and realized higher ed needs more than a portal. It needs a centralized hub that truly unifies all the systems and tools students and faculty use everyday. That’s what the Engagement Hub does and what Pathify Community supports on a deep level. I’m very excited to see where these new innovations take us.”

About Pathify

Pathify levels up higher ed tech. The Pathify Engagement Hub fills the void at the center of the higher ed digital ecosystem by creating a centralized user experience, unifying all things digital. We’re not just obsessed with making great technology, we’re hyper-focused on creating a stellar student experience across the entire lifecycle — from prospects to alumni. With cloud-based, integration friendly technology, Pathify pushes personalized information, content and resources to the right people, at the right time, on any device.