Campus to Offer Emergency Portal and Mobile Application Grants to Higher Education Institutions

Amid the COVID-19 closings of hundreds of colleges and universities, administrators need infrastructure to connect remote learners and workers to all support across every modality, and Campus seeks to play its part.

DENVER, March 24, 2020 – Campus, a contemporary, mobile and web-based portal platform, today announced it has partnered with the Institute for Inter-Connected Education ( to provide three emergency grants for institutions struggling to move all operations online.    

As many early adopters of online learning discovered when the modality was in its infancy, creating a higher education experience with only a virtual classroom and email/phone support is just not enough. The infrastructure of learning requires easy-to-use, hyper-connected people, systems, and support, which Campus provides. 

“As the outlook for distance learning is likely to be 12-18 months or more, we’re acting now to help institutions maintain a sense of community, while deploying tools to ensure college life without a physical campus goes on,” said Chase Williams, CEO of Campus.  “So, along with help from the Institute for Inter-Connected Education, we’re providing our platform to a few schools who have been hit the hardest by this pandemic. And for those who are not awarded a grant, we’re committed to ensuring budget is not an issue for the foreseeable future for every institution we help adapt to their new reality.”

The three emergency grants will provide an instance of the Campus platform at no cost through June 30, 2021. Out-of-the-box, the grant provides for a web portal and mobile app with SSO (single-sign-on) capabilities, enhanced communication tools, community sites, content pages, and more, all of which can be implemented in a matter of days or weeks.

Grant information can be found on the Campus website (, and all inquiries should be directed there. Due to the emergency nature of these grants, the application process is shortened significantly, ideally allowing schools to be up and running as quickly as needed.

To see how Campus is helping partner institutions successfully transition online, see this video, and for more information, visit: or follow Campus on Twitter: @Campus_portal

ABOUT Campus:

Campus is a modern, cloud-hosted portal that decreases costs for institutions, reduces I.T. overhead and connects students with a dynamic, one-stop-shop on any device. Campus is a product of Ucroo Incorporated.