Campus Partners With Point University

DENVER, March 19, 2020 – Campus, a contemporary, mobile and web-based portal platform, today announced it has partnered with Point University (, a private Christian liberal arts university based in West Point, Georgia. After a lengthy search, Point chose Campus to create a seamless, one-stop-shop approach to the higher ed experience for students, faculty, staff and administrators.  

“As one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the country, Point was looking for a solution to engage all of our student populations, along with our faculty and staff,” said Bill Dorminy, director of IT. “Campus provided a platform that easily integrates all of our current systems and gives us a way to communicate, together, as a single community of students, faculty and staff. With Campus, it doesn’t matter if you are an online student or faculty member in a different state, or a traditional student at our main campus, everyone can collaborate and be informed about what’s going on at Point University.”

In a time when distance learning needs to be supported by distance tools that go beyond simple classroom management systems, Campus will help Point establish an infrastructure of connection and support, no matter the modality.  

Chase Williams, Campus CEO, commented, “Campus now works alongside several faith-based institutions whose mission is to serve the whole student and help people connect to all aspects of life. This is affirming to us for many reasons. Through our genuine partnership and support model, and through the ultra-modern platform we have built, Campus has a very similar mission. So, this partnership makes great sense both commercially and philosophically.”  

As always, the addition to the Campus family, and the ability to learn from this strategic partner should provide a stronger, broader, and deeper experience for all Campus users. 
As various colleges and universities around the world utilize the Enrollment, Current Student, and/or Alumni experiences to better connect people to systems, content, as well as other people, the influence of those partners will only hone and sharpen the entire experience.  

Campus is excited to partner with Point University around implementation and roll-out, but also in terms of future initiatives, ideas, and support strategies. By creating more connection opportunities for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators, Campus remains excited to be able to provide not only world-class technology but world-class support for more and more colleges and universities over time.

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ABOUT Campus:

Campus is a modern portal and mobile app (a “digital campus”) that better connects people, information and systems across universities and colleges – helping them improve recruitment, experience and success for all constituents.  Campus is a product of Ucroo Incorporated.