Cornerstone University Wins IICE Grant to Partner with Campus

DENVER, August 13, 2019 – Campus, a contemporary, mobile and web-based portal, today announced it has partnered with Cornerstone University ( to create a seamless, one-stop-shop approach to university for students, faculty, staff and beyond. 

Cornerstone, an independent, non-denominational Christian university in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will leverage the inaugural “Connectedness Grant” from the Institute for Inter-Connected Education ( to cover the license cost of the first year of the three-year partnership. The Institute is a professional development organization providing speaking, consultation, workshops and more for higher education institutions around North America. 

The Campus engagement will consist of the highly modern, web-based and mobile-friendly platform’s typical implementation, while IICE consultants will help facilitate an extra level of change management, strategic ideation and systems thinking for leaders at Cornerstone. 

“We are very excited to roll out this new way to communicate to our students, faculty and staff,” said Mr. Dan Mills, Director of Information Technology at CU. “Cornerstone selected Campus because it offers a single solution, accessible by all client hardware types and that all features are available on all hardware client types. The social media design approach to the user experience resonated with us because we believe that it will foster a greater degree of community and engagement by all students – not just those who live on campus.”

With a greater and greater need to engage students via omnichannel approaches, while ensuring the exact right information or system be available at the exact right time, Cornerstone will utilize Campus as the “front door” experience users have been looking for. 

Chase Williams, CEO, Campus comments, “We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to provide an exceptional experience for Cornerstone students, faculty and staff. We’re also excited to see what the added expertise from IICE will elicit for our newest, faith-based partner.”

Dr. Jeff Borden, Executive Director for the Institute agrees, “So many schools are looking for ways to bolster non-cognitive issues, affective and social communities, and ways for academics to “connect” beyond the classroom, it should be really powerful to see how this kind of intentional, user-friendly setup helps so many University constituents.”

Adding yet another faith-based institution to the Campus partner portfolio, as well as the ability to learn from this strategic partner, is an exciting time for Campus.  As various colleges and universities around the world utilize the Enrollment, Current Student, and/or Alumni experiences to better connect people to systems, content, as well as other people, the influence of those partners is honing and sharpening the entire experience. As Cornerstone University implements various initiatives and strategies, and as they look to integrate the Campus system with more and more necessary apps and tools, Campus looks forward to providing better and more effective practices for all colleges and universities over time.

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Where traditional portals often provide SSO “link farms,” Campus significantly upgrades this system with a modern, personalized and connected experience for students, increasing configurability and interoperability for admins, and improving engagement, communication and success for the institution. 

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