Dakota Wesleyan University to Partner With Campus

As college and university administrators seek to better connect people and systems across all modalities, schools are looking to Campus for better experiences with people, processes, systems and support.

DENVER, August 27, 2020 – Campus, a contemporary, mobile and web-based portal platform, announced today that it has partnered with Dakota Wesleyan University. Dakota Wesleyan University is a private university in Mitchell, South Dakota, founded in 1885, and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Campus will serve as DWU’s new portal, connecting users to people, tools, support and content. Students will leverage Campus to ensure continuity regardless of their educational modality just as staff and faculty will use the modern portal to support the needs of every learner. 

“We are in the midst of an unprecedented context where students find themselves untethered from institutions.  In fact, faculty and staff are feeling that same sense of disconnectedness,” said Chase Williams, CEO at Campus. “We are really thrilled that our solution, which helps people connect better under normal circumstances, is being used to ensure a healthier education experience regardless of the chosen modalities or capabilities.”

Campus is a modern, cloud-hosted portal that connects people, platforms and processes providing students with a dynamic, one-stop-shop on any device. Campus offers an integrated digital community that drives engagement and overall student experience.

“We are excited to work with the Campus team on the implementation of this app. In such a challenging time, communication is key for any university community,” said Chad Harvey, director of information technology at DWU. “The app gives us great flexibility and streamlines our communication and emergency notification efforts in such a positive, necessary way. We are looking forward to deploying the system to the DWU community this fall.”

As DWU seeks to ensure business continuity throughout the current climate, connect people to all manner of support and promote holistic connection regardless of modality, the Campus solution should help bolster the institution’s infrastructure immediately.

ABOUT Campus

Campus is the leading web portal, mobile app software, and support services provider for Higher Education. With a team of former university executives and technologists, Campus is rapidly replacing outdated portals with a modern, cloud-hosted platform that reduces costs, saves time, and connects college constituents with a personalized, one-stop-shop so they can thrive and succeed. Campus has offices in Denver (headquarters), New York, and Melbourne, and is the flagship product of Ucroo Incorporated. Visit campus.app.

About DWU

DWU is a private, liberal arts university associated with the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church, that is rooted in four values: lifelong learning, leadership development, faith exploration and genuine service to others. For more information about Dakota Wesleyan University, go to www.dwu.edu.