Three State College Associations Recognize Campus as Preferred Vendor

Georgia, Kansas & North Carolina independent college associations list Campus as business affiliate

DENVER, December 8, 2020 – Campus, a contemporary mobile and web-based portal platform, today announced their business affiliate status with Georgia Independent College Association (GICA), Kansas Independent College Association (KICA), and North Carolina Independent College Association (NCICU).

The three state associations have formed a collaborative relationship through their higher education membership program. These associations share the common goals of representing their members in state and federal public policy, providing information about their members to the public, coordinating scholarship programs for students, and organizing networking opportunities for their members. 

“We’re pleased to be listed as a preferred vendor with these associations. These collaborative relationships afford smaller institutions several benefits, including relationships with vendors, networking with one another to share best practices, and increasing their reach to prospective students,” said Chase Williams, CEO at Campus. “It makes sense that they would also be concerned with the digital experience they deliver to their students and faculty.”

Campus is a modern, cloud-hosted portal that connects people, platforms, and processes. The application serves as a dynamic, one-stop-shop on any device. Campus offers an integrated digital community that increases engagement and improves the overall student experience.

Because Campus integrates with an institution’s applications, students no longer have to log into multiple platforms to check their status, finish tasks, or find the latest resources. The multiple options for communicating to students, including in-app push notifications, and mobile-first user interface makes Campus the preferred way for students to seek support and information.

“Campus offers a compelling combination of features not offered by other portal providers. We ensure organizations have the ability to personalize the user experience based on a number of factors. A faculty member and a student shouldn’t see the same thing when they log into an institution’s portal, and with Campus, they don’t,” said Williams.

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