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Turn your physical campus into an interactive digital map within your student portal for smoother transitions for new students and better experiences at special events. Mapwize is fully integrated with the Campus platform and offers a streamlined map interface with robust search functionality, accessibility features, and step-by-step directions that simplify finding locations on campus.

How Campus Partners with Mapwize

Decrease New Student Jitters

Familiarize new students and remote students with your physical campus through an interactive, searchable map.

Improve Accessibility

Mapwize highlights accessibility features such as ramps, elevators, and other accommodations for those who need them and serves a multilingual audience.

Customize Your Campus

Update maps to highlight social distancing entry points or closures, special event crowd flow, and event post QR codes around campus to aid lost students.

Demo Replay: Campus + Mapwize

Powering the New Campus Experience

Partner With Campus

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